My son is sitting here on my nice clean couch shredding cheddar cheese and shoving it between his toes. SIGH! But I'm dying to relax for a second so I'm letting the little sucker get away with it. I'm a terrible person. Sorry if you come to my house and you leave with bits of cheese stuck to your ass.

Poor little rich girl

For most of my life I have been a name brand whore. Lucky, Big Star, Hardtail, Coach, Dooney, Steve Madden, these have always been my close personal friends. I'm pretty sure I have bought and paid for the house of the guy who owns Lucky and Coach. About 3 years ago I stopped being interested in name brands. Since, for the most part all I do is go to work and home I realized I wasn't really impressing anyone with my designer jeans, shoes, shirt, coat shoes and socks. This is true except for one thing.

PURSES! I am a firm believer that purses should in fact be either Coach or Dooney, but! mainly COACH. I got my first Coach when I got married as a wedding shower gift. It was their first limited edition patchwork bucket bag. It was beautiful. It still is. With its white and brown and red and cream patches. The purse really is amazing. Shortly after I received my first swing pack Coach that was also the limited edition patchwork, followed closely by the wallet and card case. For my birthday a year later I received the Limited edition holiday tweed and velvet satchel. That Christmas I received the Holiday patchwork gallery tote.

THEN! I had a baby. I packed away my purses after I noticed they were getting a little beat up. Also none of them had a strap that was long enough to cross over my chest. Toting around a kid was enough that I didn't want to have to tote around a purse. I complained for a full year about Coach not offering an across the body style of purse. I even emailed them to complain. Finally I bought a Dooney. Although they also didn't offer across the body straps they were water proof. To me this seemed like the best option since my kid loved to smear, spill, and stain anything he touched. The moment I bought that purse was bittersweet. I mean, ya I was getting a good purse and it was pretty but it wasn't Coach. All the sudden I felt like I was cheating on my friend. It was like I had cheated on my old comfortable loyal friend. How had this happened? How had I become someone who bought a purse based on function rather then style? Every time I look at the purse I feel a little wounded inside. I look at it and remember the carefree girl I used to be.

The Dooney is nice. I pull it out once in a while. If I want to impress a friend and prove that I am in fact a grown up who carries a purse. But for the most part it sits in my car in the backseat and does a great job holding my lip gloss and coin purse.

Then this morning I came to work and found THIS in my email. I'm at a loss for words. It is the purse I have dreamed of my entire life. It has a full strap. Its limited edition. Its pretty colors. AND it has a strap that goes across my chest. This is big time people.

Heres the catch.

There's always a catch.

I can't find one single reason why my husband will let me get this. The whole, Oh I have a new baby and need an easier purse novelty has worn off, since my NEW baby is now over a year, and after all I have managed to live a whole year with out an over the shoulder purse. Right? He won't understand all the times I suffered because I grabbed my wallet and ran into a store only to discover I needed something out of my purse or the bigger wallet in my purse. He can't understand going somewhere and feeling like a pauper because I'm in sweats with my hair looking like I haven't had indoor plumbing in a year, covered in baby goobers and knowing that if only I had carried in a nice purse everyone would instantly understand that I still lead a semi glamorous life. BUT since my purse doesn't have an across the body strap I don't carry it in. And then when I run into that one person that is carrying her lovely purse with her hair sprayed hair and diamonds and magnificent jeans I feel like shit because I can't show off my bigger, better, newer purse.

Now with this new purse I have a chance to right a wrong. I have a chance to go back to my loyal friend. I can beg for forgiveness for cheating on Coach and leaving them for a more functional purse. I only hope that my old friend is willing to forgive me and won't be sold out just to spite me.

So! I will probably just go buy the purse, hide it in my closet and then make a show of pulling it out in front of Rob and saying I guess I could use this old thing again.

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