Ahhh Boys

My son ran over to kiss me this morning. This is what I saw.
Look closely. Do you see anything?

How about a little closer. OOoooo now you see it right? He was hell bent on kissing me and then the little booger (yea yea pun intended) tried to wipe it on me. He kept trying to wipe the booger on my neck and then gigglng at himself.


Fun facts...or just a really long list.

I was leaving the gym yesterday and I was thinking this thing I always think when I leave places and decided I would share some fun Shannon facts!

  • I can not reverse! Okay, wait. I can, but not very well and I don't do it often.
  • In the rare occasion I do reverse, I can usually only back up to my left, don't know why it is just that way
  • If I buy fresh baked bread from the store, somehow, one quarter of it never makes it home!
  • I don't eat meat...but I drool over bacon daily
  • I hate math. A! LOT!
  • I need to have coffee every day or...wait......there is no or
  • I am pretty sure chocolate is a necessity and I can't seem to give it up...to date I have never gotten tired of it, even after making truffles three days in a row in my kitchen.
  • I can never make up my mind and I never know what I want until five minutes before I get it
  • Once I know what I want, I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!..No really, Now, why don't I have it already
  • I think MAC Prrrrrr Lipglass is an accessory that every woman needs!
  • It is illegal for you to try and us MY knives in my kitchen. I will probably poke you with my Santuko if you touch them.
  • Wusthof kills Henkle..do not try and argue this with me.
  • Mint tea solves most ailments.
  • So does Vicodin.
  • So does chocolate.
  • Apparently I don't need to sleep in later then 4.
  • My body & brain disagrees though.
  • Taco bell is so very very good and I want some now, and almost always want some...Is Taco Bell Low Calorie..No..well then screw you.
  • It REALLY REALLY!!! Pisses me off when you don't use your FUCKING blinker. I will curse at you and everyone around, This will also include rolling down my window and shouting terrible things to you.
  • No, really, last time this happened I followed the lady to the Starbucks drive thru and shouted that she was a dirty whore and I hoped she wrecked and why can't you just use your fucking blinker!
  • I might have minor anger issues.
  • I get the urge to throw things A LOT! But I don't anymore, because my husband accuses me of being a child.
  • CHILD Whatever I will throw him.
  • If something is broken, WHACK it a few times and it usually works again, or....its broken worse and then you can really whack it.
  • When you break something because you whacked it...never ever ever tell your husband it is broken because you whacked it!
  • A good way to taste cheetos when you are on a diet is feed them to your one year old and then kiss him.
  • I loooooove my zester (microplane) but I never have anything to zest..Boo
  • I can take notes on sticky notes all day long.
  • I love post its. I mean really. I have the tall ones, the small ones, the lined ones, the rectangle, and cubed and heart ones...in fact I heart post its.
  • I can never find the notes I write on post it notes.
  • I often find post its stuck to my shoes.
  • I should write a post it telling me to look on my shoes when I can't find the last post it I wrote.
  • Fish should be banned. Ewww. Yuck. This also goes for all things fish flavored, fish smelling, or anything that grew up near fish i.e. sea weed and well sea weed.
  • Fish is a meat people. When I say I don't eat meat please don't ask..EVEN FISH!
  • Yes even fish dumb ass...I DON'T EAT ANIMALS
  • YES THIS ALSO MEANS CHICKEN SO STOP ASKING THAT. If I ate chicken then I would say I don't eat red meat. I don't say that do I? SO STOP ASKING!
  • I also don't eat sushi. No not even the vegetable rolls. They are wrapped in sea weed. Sea weed taste like fish.
  • No, really it does. Don't argue with me about this. I'm right.
  • I love wusabi. A lot.
  • I love potatoes
  • I love Benihanas.
  • I love tempura anything. Mmmm I would love to try some tempura chocolate. IF you have some of that lying around, send it my way okay.
  • I don't like to return things. I have pants in all the wrong sizes because I don't return things.
  • I don't like to try stuff on, if I like it, I buy it because, I want it NOW and trying it on isn't NOW.
  • It drives me nuts when people don't say Nevada correctly.
  • It makes me more crazy I don't know the proper phonetic sqigglys to put over the A in Nevada to show you how to pronounce it. You prounounce it Nevaaaaaaada like bad like Nebada.
  • When I tell you that you said it wrong don't respond to me Tomato Tomoto Grrrrr that really pisses me off.
  • I love Oprah.
  • I don't love the sad stories on Oprah like the one about the conjoined twins they are about to separate, this story makes me cry even though it has a happy ending.
  • Lately everything makes me cry.
  • No I'm not pregnant...I'm just very emotional right now.
  • Why is it everytime a girl cries a lot or can smell their husbands farts really well they get accused of being pregnant.
  • This list is really long.
  • I'm done writing it now.
  • Have a nice day!

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