Times I might call you back

As I have said before, I'm not so good at the returning phone calls thing. Here is a list of times I might actually do it:

  • If you promise free chocolate
  • If you promise we are going to go shop at Old Navy
  • If you promise we are going to go scrap booking
  • If you promise Taco Bell
  • If you promise chocolate
  • If you promise we are going to go hang out at Babies R Us
  • If you have my son with you
  • If you are promising me melted chocolate

Is it wrong that I want to eat my postage stamps?

I came to work this morning and my mom/boss had placed this months new postage stamps on my desk.

Is it wrong that I wan to lick them and taste them?

The moment of truth

I weighed in this morning. I have mixed feelings about the results. You see before I quit breastfeeding I had lost a pretty good amount of weight before the doctor told me to quit dieting while nursing. I did and I maintained that weight loss for a while. The problem is that even that weight was not a weight I was happy at. After I quit nursing I gained 10 pounds in about 2-3 weeks. This put me at a weight I liked even less then the first one. Soooo I've lost 10 pounds this month. And while that is an amazing amount I almost feel sad since it just put me right back to where I already worked so hard to get to a few months ago. So although I am so proud of myself for sticking to it and losing such a great amount, I can't help but feel annoyed I even had to RE-LOSE this amount I already lost. O well I guess it is time to chug along and see if I can break the barrier. If only I could have lost 11 pounds. Then I would have broken past that number I never seem to break past anymore. But I'm on my way. So here I come next ten pounds!

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