In which mom and Brandon dork out

Oops...AKA I wasn't supposed to eat that or that...that thing either

Yesterday I visited Sams Club for my first time. I intended to write a blog and call it I HEART SAMS CLUB. What happened is I went there to join since it is so much closer to my house then Costco and thought while I was there maybe I would just look around and make sure they had everything I needed for Superbowl. As I was doing this my cousin and I noticed teh mass quantities of samples. They had it all, chicken wings, bagel bites, stuffed chicken, mini wieners, bratworst, polish sausage, pizza, and a chip and dip stand. First we bumped into the chip stand. They offered 5, FIVE!!! Types of chips and 6, SIX AS IN ONE MORE THEN THE AMOUNT OF CHIPS. 6 types of dip. Naturally I was forced by the evil Sams club people to taste all of them. Really, they broke my arms and everything. Then we found the pizza booth. They were offering slices off all the flavors of their pizza. It was lunch time so I snagged a piece for Brandon. Of course, being a good mom I tasted it to make sure it was not contaminated. IT WAS AMAZING. Shit. So later that day after work my cousin and I went back to Sams Club with a list. First though we had to make another pass at the chip and dip stand. Then when we were checking out somehow a slice of cheese pizza, a piece of chocolate cake and a helping of frozen yogurt ended up sitting in front of me. I couldn't believe I ate it. I felt horrible after eating it all. I guess I didn't feel bad enough because I woke up today and ate a sandwich...not just a sandwich A SANDWICH WITH MEAT!!!!!!!!


Yes you saw right, I ate a salami, ham, and turkey sandwich and almost shit myself it was so good. No I'm not going to start eating meat. I just had a minor slip up this morning. However that slip up led to me eating two hersheys kisses, half a peanut butter cup, a couple spoons of potato salad I was cooking, some chips and dip and although I feel like I want to pop open I can't seem to stop. What is my problem? Anyway it is 1:30 in the afternoon and I've already consumed my daily calories. I'm fucked. Thank gosh I'm not weighing myself again until the 15th gives me a chance to work off all of the damage I plan to do today and tomorrow at my fabulous Super Bowl party.

So yeah....I didn't mean to eat all that and I'm real real sorry. I think.

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