Superbowl and a very long night

My Superbowl party was a hit. Who am I kidding, it is always a hit. I made some great food we had:

  • A burger station, with all the fixins even bacon and sauted mushrooms and onions, pickles, pepperocinis and so on.
  • Italian ciabatta melt sandwiches
  • Weenie wraps
  • Homemade potato salad
  • A veggie platter with 3 dips
  • Chips with dips
  • Cupcakes, cookies and cheese cake.
Yes I ate it all. The salami was amazing and I can't stop stuffing it in, but I have to because I'm a vegetarian and you can't eat salami when you are a vegetarian. Also, have you seen how many calories are in salami? One single slice is 110 Calories. WHAT THE FUCK.

The rest of the party was a blast. My husband and our friends managed to play every single drinking game he knew starting at 11:00AM going on till 9PM. He had such a blast. Last night was also the first time a lot of my friends, my family and his friends came together and they all intermingled and meshed so well. I was very impressed.

My dad also came and he was the hit of the party with all of the kids. In fact they were having so much fun playing with him they totally forgot how much they don't like each other and didn't even kick, punch or pull hair the whole time they played with him. Finally though the kids had to come in because they were freezing. Brandon came in and immediately puked on me. Not just a small puke, more like a double covered the front of my shirt and puddled on the floor puke. He followed that up with a nap and another puke, followed by a triple puke on Rob. I finally took his temperature and he was 100.5. He took a small nap, and started puking in his sleep. At around 11:30PM his temp went up to 101.2 and more puking came out. He fell back a sleep and all the sudden I heard SQUIRT SQUIRT. That's right, he was now squirting out rotten egg liquid diarrhea. It was so bad that it gave him instant diaper rash and he wouldn't even let me wipe him. Then when I was just beginning to worry that he wasn't peeing and was dehydrated, he made sure to pee all over himself while the new diaper was about 5 feet away...I also think he peed all of the pee he had been holding in for about 5 hours. I brought him into the living room and we sat around and he threw up again and then he was out of vomit and started dry heaving. Listen people that is the saddest sight you will ever ever ever see in your life. I get him back to sleep and you guess it, more squirty egg poo. Uggggg. He finally passed out after midnight and woke back up at 4:40 pooping something that looked like watered down gravy. His fever is still 100.7 so he finally got some Tylenol and is having a nice nap. Poor poor little dude.

Aside from all the vomiting and pooing I had such a great time with all of my friends. It was so nice having my new friends and my old friends hanging out and not killing each other. It was extra fun watching my husband play every single drinking game he knew and getting his friends and mind so drunk some of them couldn't even walk a crooked line or sit on a barstool. To me, that is the sign of a successful party...Oh ya and the giant mess the day after. Thank gosh for Norma my cleaning lady/baby sitter/ buddy who has come to rescue my kitchen from drowning in beer bottles as I take care of the small gravy pooping child.

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