Wedding photos

Jen asked for wedding photos. These are some of my favorites in no order at all the description is below the picturethe end of the night

ouchased on sale at macys

our rings

our rings with our silly little napkins

my bouquet was made myself

heading to the reception

rob thought he was soo cool with his sun glasses

first dance

aww the wedding cake, and my cake...i mean the grooms cake yeah thats what that was..cake purchased at Albertsons hell yeah

saying I Do...this is the time he started to cry..YES YOU DID ROB!

awww first kiss

bird seed gets everywhere but it was way fun..notice my hubbies flip flops

random photo i just really like

waiting for the elevator to take me to my destiny

walking through the hotel like big pimps

the dorks. I mean groomsmen

my girls with our homemade bouquets, we got the flowers from Costco and made em that morning, the girls dresses were $14.00 on sale from Macys

Holy shit I'm getting married

We did our own hair, all normal like

I had them turn my dress into a corset and loooooved it, got cheap ribbon at the fabric store

I dunno, just liked this pic

Ya ya I'm cute I know

Cheese cheese

Random junk from a sick day.

I'm home again today. Brandon got up to 102.2 last night so we re hanging out at home today to take care of him. I am watching The Hills and just watching it is morphing me into a little teeny bopper high school gossip. Its like watching a scary movie. I wanna shout at the screen "Run Heidi, Run, Spencer is trash." Unfortunately I can't do that. I just have to sit around and watch this girl be a dumb ass. This show also makes me want to be an anorexic. Hey at least I have better teeth then these girls. Shit, see, told you, I just went all high school right there.

My house is extra clean today. I am afraid to move of the couch for fear I might mess it up. How is it possible one person can actually mess up a house? I am so good at that. I leave a little Shannon trail wherever I go. Really. If I ride in your car there is an 80% chance that I will leave something behind. Random things too. Here are some examples of things I tend to leave behind:

  • Mustard pack
  • Coffee cup with coffee in it
  • Water bottle
  • Nail files
  • Mail
  • Junk mail
  • Reno News and Review (I leave this one everywhere)
  • Straw wrapper
  • Baby toys
  • Sippy cups
  • Milk cartons
  • Toothbrush
And so on and so on and so on. I am horrible at that shit. At home I'm the same. You can tell where I have been because I will leave behind a paper cup, half a chip, a sock, my bra and plenty of other things. Its good having a kid because usually his mess hides mine. I mean really, who can see my dirty sock under a huge pile of socks right? RIGHT?

I should tag this blog as Shannon posts random garbage. OMG now LC is totally yelling at Heidis boyfriend and I'm thinkin "NEENER NEENER SHIT BAG!"

I hate when my son is sick. Really it is the most devastating thing in the world. I don't think kids should be allowed to get sick. I don't think parents should either. I just think no one should. We should all live to 100 and then just die in our sleep.

This is going no where so I'm going to go find some chips and salsa.

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