This day just gets better and better

Grandma only turned her back for a second and she found this...The last one is when he ran and hid under her desk with the dog pretending he did nothing wrong. (That is powder laundry detergent for washing our shop rags)

My first meme (I learned what a meme was from Amalah)

6 weird things about me

1. I am addicted to my Tivo. I Tivo everything from Food Network, to Reality TV to all those weird MTV shows, and of course CSI, Cold Case and so on. I was so into Big Brother, that I had a habit of walking around shouting out CHILL TOWN!

2. As much as I love to cook, I am somewhat of a food snob/picky eater. I won't touch, blue cheese, meat, fish, goat cheese, well, any cheese that isn't from a cow and that doesn't look funny, brains, escargot, liver, pate, fish, fishy smelly things like seaweed wraps on sushi.

3. I think Mild taco bell sauce is spicy but I can't seem to stay away from wusabi and Tapatio, no matter how bad it hurts my mouth and makes my nose run.

4. I love sugar in candy and ice cream. However if you hand me a drink with sugar I will be very offended. I need sugar free stuff. This happened while I was on Atkins. I discovered I hate all drinks with sugar. This includes soda, Gatorade, juice, and coffee. This week while I was sick I let myself get dehydrated before begrudgingly drinking some Gatorade. This rule does not apply to my beloved amaretto.

5. When I'm sick, all I want to do is eat junk. Like Taco Bell, Wendy's, KFC, and bread.

6. I can not eat wheat or gluten but I can't seem to stop eating it. No matter how bad it hurts, or what the side effects are, the shit keeps finding its way into my mouth.

Some good new TV

I am so ashamed to admit I love Bams Unholy Union. I found it at the gym one day and I can't stop watching it. Those two are so cute together. Oooo now Road Rules is on when means I get to see Abe beat the crap out of some guy AGAIN!

You know your mom is a dork when

She abuses the camera on her MacBook taking pictures of her son, herself and cheetos (these were taken before either of us was sick)

What happens when you let grandma and papa babysit your monkey while you are home sick?

You receive emails like this, and pictures like these
So I got Brandon lunch then the phone rang so he took his bowl of spaghetti and poured it out then threw the bowl at the dogs and took the rest and kept pushing it off his tray on the ground, yes that's noodles all over my dogs. Then he thought he should take his milk and spit it at them my hands were tied on the phone and when I got off all I could do is grab a camera and laugh about the whole thing. Ya I took them with our new shop cameras. Don't you like how rusty helps him clean up his mess. -grandma

I'm not so smart

Yeah so this morning I awoke starving. Not just starving but famished. I enjoyed a bowl of oatmeal. Still starving. I began seeing visions of sandwiches in my head. They were dancing around like crazy in there. Bread, bread, bread my mind was saying. So I gave in and I snarfed down a sandwich and some chips. YES I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW I! KNOW! I am not supposed to eat wheat. But, people, listen to me, I NEEDED THIS SANDWICH. I had to have it. I am aware that its going to kick my ass soon, but at least I'm not sitting here starving to the point of dizziness anymore.

I am also sitting here watching last nights CSI Miami trying to find out if they are really going to kill Erik or not. The info on the show says A member of the team dies after being shot in the head. However they revived him in the start of the show, so now I'm waiting to see if he will die in the last seconds or if that was just a heist to get us to watch. Okay, he lived phew. Now I'm watching Friends, the one where Rachael is pregnant, and it so reminds me of me at the end of my pregnancy.

I finally get to go back to work tomorrow and I am so excited, because I hate being behind and I was already behind from having Brandon sick all week last week. It will be nice to be all caught up and back on a normal diet and out with the real people again. I'm so sick of lounging around, but I don't have the energy to do anything else.

In other news, my son jammed two cds into the drive on my new MacBook, meaning now every time I open it my computer makes a noise like eghchhherg grwiew, grind grind as it tries to shove them out. At some point I need to make it up to the Mac store but I'm so lazy that I don't know when I'll make it there.

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