another odd ball thing about me

I left this off the six weird things about me. I may have mentioned this before. I eat things in twos. Well, not all things. Generally just small candies like, M&M's & Skittles. I have this thing where I like both sides of my mouth to taste things at the same time. Also, if I eat something like a Starburst say, on the left side, I have to follow up with a Starburst on the right side, so both sides are equally flavored. Also I organize things by color in pairs of two and eat them in order of least amount of color first.

Is this odd?

Dun dun dun

I lost four more pounds. That is 14 total. Which means I am 6 pounds away from being able to say I lost 20 pounds. Whoah dude. How cool to be one of those people who struts around saying in their head, yeah 20 pounds, woo, I lost that did you? I took pictures that I will post tonight so ya'll can track my progress. Ha ha this is like the reverse of tracking a pregnant belly.

My Valentines Day AKA in which I talk about food

So yesterday was Valentines Day. I know this because my husband got me stuff and I forgot. I was sick all week so I totally forgot that Valentines day existed. I woke up in a daze and sat on the couch all crabby like. Rob kissed us bye and went to work. After a good 10 minutes I decided to venture into the kitchen to get a drink. On the counter next to my purse was:

  • A card from my son
  • A framed picture of my son doing naked somersault (my most favorite picture)
  • A card from my husband, including an explanation as to why the photo of Brandon was purple and kind of funny looking (he has never used our printer so he printed on the back of the photo paper and it made it come out purple and sort of abstract looking but I love that he tried so I didn't even reprint it)
  • A calender, since I have been moping around that I can't find one with the right amount of yellow to hang in my kitchen.
I was so shocked because I had completely forgotten. Then I went to sign onto Yahoo to send a thank you note to him and I saw an E-mail from him. He had given me the one thing I wanted most. He finally wrote me a big ole sappy love letter. I know I should keep it to myself but, EVERYONE ELSE IS ALWAYS POSTING CUTE SHIT THEIR HUSBANDS DO SO WHY CAN'T I? HUH? WHY?
Hey sweetheart. Today is Valentines Day and I just
wanted to let you know how much you really mean to me.

It's been 5 years now and I am still in love with you
as much as the first time I've told you. We've been
through so much and we still have a lot to look
forward to. I can't even begin to think about who else
I would want to do everything with. Every night, you
and Brandon are the last things on my mind and the
first thing I think about when I wake up. I think
about you more then you think, everyday. Shannon, just
the thought of my life without you in my life in any
way, just makes me sad. You as my partner, my soul
mate. Not as a mother to my child. Like I said, you
mean more to me then you think. I know that I don't
show it as much as you like, but that just me, I'm
sorry. Without you in my life, I would be
literally....lost. I love waking up next to you
everyday. I love kissing you goodbye when I go to
work. I love your eyes. I love giving you hugs. I love
the way you look at me when I walk into the room. You
make me just.....happy. There's really no other word
to explain it.

I hope you have a wonderful day today Shannon.

Oh...and the pic of Brandon, you'll probly haf to make
a good copy of it. I suck at printing things. The
paper is actually backwards.

I Love You....Happy Valentines Day...Robert

So I practically float to work. Then when I get here I had to reread my love letter. I packed my picture along so it could be the first one on my fancy new bookshelf at work. Then he messaged to ask if we were still on for our date. SHIT! I was wearing sweats. I forgot about that too since I forgot Valentines day was this week. So I rushed home and got all gussied up and he took me to BJ's Brewhouse. I was so excited since I had been dying to try it and we made a pact to only try it together (we do that with all new restaurants). I open the menu and right away about 43 things pop out at me and that was just on the appetizer meal. I decided on the Avocado egg rolls for my starter. They were fantastic. OMG people so good. They were a bit spicy for me, which means that for anyone else they would just have good flavor. Rob got potato skins that were insane good. They were all crispy with yummy cheese melted on them and bacon and ranch and O LORDY I could have made them into a meal. For my dinner I got a southwestern salad and baked potato. The salad was awesome. It had tortilla strips, corn, avocado, tomato, onion and some kind of super southwestern dressing, that could very well be the God of all salad dressings. The baked potato however really was the God of all potatoes. This sucker was 22 ounces. HOLY SHIT RIGHT! The manager came by to check out how we were and our jaws were on the floor staring at our potatoes. He said that at Outback, their potatoes come 90 to a box, but at BJ's theirs come 35 and they had a rule not to accept anything under 22 ounces. I wanted to marry that potato, but I settled for eating it. Rob got his with bacon on top and they actually sauted big fat pieces of bacon to put on top instead of just some wussy Bacos looking things. His meal was ribs and chicken and he also got clam chowder. He said the chowder was great and devoured all the ribs. He was so stuffed he saved the rest to pack in his lunch today. Then came desert. We ordered Pizookies. They are cookies baked into a little pie tin topped with vanilla ice cream. He got the Oreo Pie kind and I got chocolate chip. The cookie was crunchy and moist at the same time and really at this point I wanted to have sex with the man who invented BJ's. We left with super full bellies and a huge smile on our face. It was such a lovely day. Rob and I don't really do much for Valentines because really, its just another day. Our thought is that you should never have to set aside a day to say I love you. Basically we use the day as an excuse to go to a super good dinner.

The night almost ended perfect. We went and picked up Brandon and he was all tuckered out from playing with Papa and he passed out on the drive home. We got him in bed, got ourselves in bed and where seconds from blissful sleep when he woke up screaming bloody murder. He was having a tooth issue. I had to give him two doses of orajel and some Motrin and it still took nearly 20 minutes for him to calm down. When this happens he starts twitching around like he is having seizures and wont let you touch him. Finally I grabbed him and went to the rocker and he passed right out from all the insanity. It was so scary because he was crying so hard he was causing his face to swell. This led me to run around freaking out that I had somehow touched peanut butter or something at dinner and that I was going to be my sons kiss of death. He ended up fine but was pretty wiggly all night.

Overall the day was really great.

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