February 02 2006
And.....15 days later

I guess not much difference though....O well, soon there might be a bigger difference...If I can stop eating that is. Hopefully my bike riding will help some.

More about the bike riding

Ever since I went on my diet I've been looking for something that I can feel good doing but actually enjoy and look forward to. I've tried running, walking, elliptical and so on. None of it made me jump for joy and say YAY FITNESS! Then I started riding my bike. Like I said in the previous blog, I felt child like again. I remembered all those fun times riding to Gingers house, or riding to the market for slurpies, or riding to school, or just riding around to cause trouble with Jeremy. All the sudden it was like Jeremy was right there with me and we were riding around looking for shit to start. It felt amazing. I could feel my heart really working out, and my legs and ass getting greater as the moments passed. I could feel myself relaxing and easing into it. I feel amazing. This rain better stop, well who cares, I can ride in the rain anyway right?

its just like riding a bike

Thursday while I was driving home I noticed the weather was extremely nice. I got this grand idea that I wanted to ride my bike. I tried to think of the last time I had ridden, and all I could come up with was sometime before Rob so at least 5 years ago. Then that famous quote popped into my head. "It's just like riding a bike"! Well, lets hope actually riding a bike, is, well, like..riding a bike. So he gets it down, and I get on and I go wobbling down the road. Then all the sudden it was all coming back to me. I went home got on some better clothes and took of flying down the road. I couldn't believe how young I felt. I felt like a little girl riding over to her friends house. WAIT! I could ride over to see my friend. I rode to Allis and said hi and then rode back home since it was almost dark. I couldn't believe how much fun it was. My old seat was slightly skinnier then I remember, or maybe my ass is just much bigger then when I was 10 but either way, my ass now feels bruised from my rock hard seat that felt similar to riding on a frozen chicken breast. I will pause here while you all picture me merrily cycling around on poultry.

So all day Friday all I can do is dream about bike riding again, but its Robs work out day. So when Saturday rolls around I jump out of bed and I am all pumped up and ready to ride. My parents are down at my work dicking around in the yard and I think, hey why not ride there. It is about 1.8 miles away. I think to myself. Shit, I can make it in about an hour. (I guess I forgot how quickly a bicycle goes). So about 15 minutes later, after stopping at the park to talk to a friend walking her dog, I make it to my shop. Rob shows up to pick me up, since I didn't think I could make it home. Hell No man. I treck back home. Wooo I feel amazing. I just rode 3.6 miles and I was sad the fun had to stop. So while Rob and I are out running errands I get this great idea. Get a new seat and a basket for Brandon.

So we get it, Rob follows me to my work since I knew I could ride there again, we put on my new seat. Its a big, fat mamma, gellin super awesome seat. We attach Brandons little basket seat thingy on the back and strap on his new shiny red helmet. They tell me to ride around and make sure I feel like I can do it. I take a lap and zooooom I'm off. Before I know it Brandon and I are riding home. He loved it, I loved it and we both felt great. I can't wait to start riding to work in the morning. I got out my little DaKine back pack so I can pack my lunch in it and I'm going to get a little leash for Brandons sippy cup so he can't throw it overboard.

If your keeping track that is 7.2 miles total I rode yesterday and I am pumped and ready to go again now. So, why am I blogging instead of riding....FUCKING RAIN!

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