No real point, just a memory

I was giving Brandon a bath today and all the sudden he got this funny look on his face like he was about to take a dump in the tub. Up to now we have been very lucky not to encounter any floating logs or COWS as Jenny McCarthy's son put it. Luckily there was no poopoo but it reminded me of Brandon's first or second bath. We had just finished and pulled him out. We wrapped him up in his little towel that used to wrap around him 43 times and now, barely wraps around once and leaves his little feet dangling out. Anyway I got him all swaddled in his little hoodie towel when SPLOOOSH SPWIKWAT BOOOOOM. I look down and his little cream colored towel was MUSTARD YELLOW! Rob and I just looked at each other. We didn't know what to do. We were novices at this parenting thing. What do we do? Do we re-bathe him, or baby wipe him or...stand there and look like dumb asses? We chose to stand there looking like idiots and then we wiped him down with the towel and then baby wiped him. The whole situation was pretty funny. It was like he purposely held it all in just to mess with us. It was as if he was letting us know from that point on that he was running the show. Ahhh my little boy.

Right now, he is sitting her taking a bite out of a Cheeto and then giving me the other half. It is so cute.

A must read

I stumbled across this blog New Years Day. I found it on Amalahs website. You must read this. With about 34 boxes of tissue. There is an order in which to read and follow this story as not to ruin the surprise. Emery, if you haven't read this yet, you must, because I think you will fall in love with Karla like me.

Start here, http://babycadeau.blogspot.com/

Then, watch this

I will wait while you get the tissues.

Read that post. After you have read that and watched, Click here this will take you to the beginning of the archives in Karlas new blog. You have to read it from start to finish to appreciate the beauty of it all. It is, the most amazing thing I've ever read. I've never found a couple more strong and courageous as these two. They showed me more about who I am inside and who I hope to be, then I could ever imagine. Read it. I read the entire thing in one day and haven't been able to stop since. This is the most inspiring story ever. And it does have a happy ending, so keep that in mind while you are cursing me through blinding tears OKAY!

Now, go read it. Right away.

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