Is this weird?

So, my aunt is in town from Vegas. She is my dads sister. Both my dad and my grandma are dead. My aunt, actually my whole family has always believed in spirits and ghosts and stuff. I've always thought my whole family was nutty. Starting from when Brandon was almost first born I was convinced my son sees dead people. Both my husband and I experienced this. We would be in his bedroom changing his diaper and all the sudden he would look right past us at the door and just start staring and then smile. Rob and I always joked that our son sees dead people. So last night my aunt and I were sitting around talking. She was telling me how she was going to this new church with spirit leaders. They encourage you to speak to the universe and ask for the things you want. But they also communicate with spirits. So my aunt says that my grams contacts her a lot. I was laughing about all this and thinking it sounded kinda hokey. Then this morning, I took Brandon in to get him dressed. He was standing on his changing table and he looked right over my shoulder at the closet and started waving crazily and got the hugest smile on his face. Then he followed the wall over to his left and I shit you not he leaned over and kissed the air twice. I just stared at my son. What on earth was that? It was as though my grandma or my dad or someone was in the room with him. The weirdest thing was for him to get so happy to see them, must mean he sees them often and likes them. I was flabergasted.

Could it be true that babies have a sixth sense? Is it just something we are trained to lose as we get older, along with Santa and the Easter Bunny? I've decided that even if it is hokey, I'm going to take some comfort in knowing my grams was there with me this morning. Hopefully she sticks around a while. I miss her greatly.

The weigh in

Soooo. This time I didn't lose any but I DIDN'T GAIN ANY EITHER!!! I'm not even frustrated. I'm proud that even though I ate some bad stuff, I still did good enough to maintain my weight loss. Thats all that matters. Tune in, in 15 days to see if I lose any more weight.

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