My husband and mine dumbass moment, okay mostly mine

So, when I moved out from my parents I didn't really have much. We went and bought a lot right away, couches, tables, tvs and so on. We bought a box set of cheap pans and a george forman grill and a few odds and ends. One thing though that I never got was a rolling pin. I kept saying, this year this year I will get one. Nope never did. I was very clever with things I needed to roll out. I would use cans, or my hands, or pan bottoms or I would just throw it at the wall hard enough it would flatten out. Finally this Christmas Ging and I were gonna make cookies and such and I finally went and bought a fancy rolling pin. It is great, its pink and grey and smooth and non stick and all the fun things a rolling pin should be. I used it once and threw it in a cabinet. WELL! Saturday night I was tearing apart my whole house looking for my little pink nail kit that my son loves to run off with. I was in the kitchen opening drawers and I noticed this little drawer between my fridge and stove. I was flabbergasted. This drawer must have just appeared out of thin air. So I open it and no shit, there was a fancy red rolling pin, some pot holders and other random junk. I was so confused. I had to think really hard and then I realized way back last july in Vegas I had bought that rolling pin which means, I myself must have hid it in the previously non existent drawer. So I hold up my unused rolling pin and show Rob, he asks where I found it and I tell him the drawer by the stove. His response..


Hmm, wonder what other stuff I may have lost in my own home in places I forgot about!

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