Okay this is really another random thought from yesterday but it came while I was driving so I couldn't post it, but it just popped back into my head

Why is it, that when the car breaks down the first thing guys do is jump out and pop the hood and stare at the engine? It is as if they think they are going to look in there and magically instantly know whats wrong. It is more funny on a new car when the whole thing is run by a computer. Yeah Tommy your gonna be able to tell whats wrong by lifting the hood, whats that, you see the problem, its the turbo booster ultra mega computer chip.....


Morning everyone

So, this morning I rode to work with my lil cousin. It was a 1.8 mile ride, which now that I'm a fancy bike rider doesn't seem long at all. In fact I get bored with small little three mile rides. Anyway, my bike ride this morning was a little harder because, I was wearing my new pants. Pants that just happen to be low rise. Low rise jeans + bike ride = disaster/eye candy for passing drivers.


The "NEW" Pants I speak of are actually FIVE years old! I brought some of my old pants in from my storage and 2 of them fit so far. Thats not true. A few fit, but not how I want them to fit. See, I used to consider pants that buttoned pants that "fit". Now I like there to be no muffin top, and I like to be able to stick a few fingers in at the waist. So two pairs of pants fit just perfect. Few more pounds and I'll be rockin the Lucky's again. Today I'm rockin some Abercrombie and I feel so high class compared to my Old Navy.

In other major news another goal was nearly accomplished. I went to American Eagle and I bought a pair of pants and some shirts off the rack. I bought the shirts two sizes smaller then normal and the pants 4 sizes smaller then I would have had to order online. This was one of my goals, to go buy clothes at a store that actually fit and weren't super jumbo sized. So, the jeans "fit" and I coulda kept em, but the didn't fit like I like so maybe 5 more pounds till I am free to go blow money any ole place. The shirts however were still to big. Even worse, my boobs have shrunk so much the strapless shirts just sagged right down and I flashed myself in the mirror. Took it all back and we will try again in two weeks!

Go me!


Soooo I finally achieved one of my biggest goals. Now, this may not even seem like it should be a goal to most people but to me it is, not to mention I married a Filipino so it makes a huge difference BUT,


I lost two more pounds! Since I'm telling my weight now that puts me at 162. Which means I'm 2, TWO Deaux pounds away from losing 20 whole pounds!!!!


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