So I took my photo of the week and I was all excited for how it would turn out. I was extra excited to show you all I was sporting my Abercrombie jeans. However, the picture came out and I looked fatter then last week. Granted my legs look small but still, my belly won't quit pooching out. I was about to get all mad about it, and then this happened.

Yeah, I just did it like that. I just told you all my news, right here in the middle of phatso photos. You were all expecting to see another picture of the fatty and you got a surprise instead.

Don't you know....I'm berry berry sneaky!!!!


A few months ago I encourage my great friend Stephanie to start a blog. Yes I will use her name because I'm not scared of the assholes who fucked her over. In fact I am writing this with the soul purpose that they read it. After telling her how much blogging has helped me in many ways she finally decided to start one up. It was so cathartic and helpful for her the same as it was for me.

Steph seemed to be having a lot of trouble at work and would post random blogs about this. Somehow these blogs got in the hands of spiteful, rude, vengeful coworkers who felt the need to show her supervisors. Never mind freedom of speech, never mind the fact that she never mentioned names, she was still fired non the less because this person had some kind of grudge to hold.

I first I felt guilty because I had made her start a blog. But then I realized that this was not my fault and it was even less her fault. I am appalled that we live in a country based on freedom of speech yet we can be fired after using that right. I am more appalled that there are grown adults in this world who still find such great satisfaction in running and tattling on someone as they did in pre-school. I am shocked people with such small minds are even allowed to hold jobs at somewhere as big as, oh I don't know THE STATE OF NEVADA.

Yes I will come right out and tell you that she worked there. I won't mention divisions but I tell you the place to give you an idea of what kind of bullshit is going on behind the scenes when there are far more IMPORTANT things a person can busy themselves with. Especially in the division they worked in. I am infuriated knowing that rather then having extremely important issues be dealt with, this ridiculous joke of a person would instead waste her time ruining someones career.

Rather then dealing with the issue this girl had with Stephanie personally she went above her head and tried to get her in trouble. I don't know how she was raised but I come from a family where if someone bothers you, confront them directly. Rather then go behind their back and become a backstabbing motherfucker I walk right up to you and resolve it like A GROWN ASS ADULT!

My first thought when writing this blog was to personally attack the fucker who did this to my good friend. But then I realized I too would be telling it to everyone but her. I, however don't want to be a huge piece of shit like her.

My advice today for anyone who is about to go make themselves look better by bringing someone else down is to stop. Think like an adult. Realize that what you are about to do will not make you look better. Instead it will make those people around you not trust you ever again. You will become the snitch of the office and in the end you will look smaller then when you started.

To YOU! You know who you are, you are the coniving piece of shit who tried to screw my friend, I hope you realize, that rather then bringing her down you have only made her stronger. You have made her appear to be the bigger person in all of this. When she has excelled in life and is places you only dreamed your career would take you, I hope you feel like shit when you look at yourself sitting in the same office at the same desk with no friends, because you are now known as the piece of shit snitch no one will EVER TRUST AGAIN!

Oh yeah FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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