PHATSO PHOTOS WEEK 6 (we are in pregnancy weeks now)

Okay. I am going to swallow my pride here and take the damn photo. Here are the rules for photo viewing.
1. You cannot comment on the fact that I am so white I look as though I'm related to Casper the Ghost.
2. You cannot comment on the stretch marks that are already their from my pregnancy with Brandon.
3. You really cannot comment on the fact that I look like one of those people who lost 100 pounds and now has a body full of saggy skin to show for it.
With all of that said, I give you my first belly shot.

**P.S. No, I'm not wearing a damn bra, yes those are my jammies, and I'm not entirely sure if I brushed my hair today! Take it as it is people.

Huh, not so sure if I should

So a friend of mine (who will remain nameless until she announces to the world on her own that she is pregnant) is pregnant with me. She is actually about 5 days less pregnant then me we are guessing. Anyway she is already doing belly shots. Problem is, she has this great flat belly so she can do that kind of thing. If I were to lift my shirt and show my belly right now you would all think I was possibly already 5 months pregnant rather then only 5 weeks. Even though I lost a lot of weight, I didn't lose enough to be flashing my belly around just yet. In fact I'm nervous to even flash it at all until about 9 months. Not to mention, this child has already caused me to gain back about 7 pounds (NO JOKE) since I can't seem to give up bread and sweets, which is something I wasn't eating at all for a long time. The odd thing is the bread isn't bothering me near as much as it did. It still bugs me, but not enough to convince me to quit eating bagels, donuts, and sandwiches.

In other baby news, I finally got sick on Friday. Not just a little sick, but sick as in, I threw up all of the things I had eaten that day, which was A LOT since I ate everything I had craved. The worst part is it was while we were having dinner at a VERY NICE Thai restaurant. Its the kind of place where if you don't roll up in an Audi, BMW, or Lexus you will get dirty looks from the other cars in the lot. Imagine that, some hoity toity high falooting placy, and I puke ON! THEIR! BATHROOM! FLOOR! Yeah you read that right. The first time, I made it in the toilet. The second time, not so lucky, all over their beautiful tile floor. (Sorry Thai restaurant)! Oh wait, as thought I haven't grossed ya'll out enough. I chose to eat some extra spicy red curry red chilli sauce stuff, and let me tell you, when I threw up it came out my nose, and I'm pretty sure the spice went right ahead and singed off any nose hairs that may have been in my nose!

Hope you enjoy the mental visual. Have a nice day!

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