Ode to Eggos

For as long as I can remember I have love Eggos. Not waffles, strictly the frozen Eggo waffles. After I discovered I was gluten free I became extra hesitant to try all that weird gluten free stuff. In fact my mom bought me the bread and the first thing I did was make everyone else taste it. The look on their faces combined with the instant gagging and vomiting told me I wasn't going to try it. Then one day my mom brought me some gluten free frozen eggo like things. I gave em the eye, checked em out, stared em down and tried em. If I cooked it till it was crispy (like an eggo) it was delicious. Now however, I AM ADDICTED TO MY GLUTEN FREE EGGOS smothered in butter and boysenberry syrup! Crap! All I want to do is eat my frozen waffles all day long. Could this be a pregnancy craving?

Not my favorite part of the day

So that pregnancy thing happened to me today. You know that one where you realize you are hungry, and if you don't eat in .5431niner seconds you are suddenly famished and find yourself shaking and starving to the point where you think you might actually melt away. Your muscles start hurting immediately because your so hungry your body is already starting to eat your muscles and you know soon you will be nothing but a pile of skin on the floor. That is, if your stomach doesn't start eating the skin because you are so hungry. Then, you immediately start eating everything in sight to try and curb the hunger only eating seems to just make you hungry. After this point, for the rest of the day you realize you are now a bottomless pit and no amount of food is going to fill the hole you created in this pit now called the baby making machine! You spend your day telling yourself this better be one big ass baby because damn they are eating a lot and sucking me dry.


Some Tuesday randomness

First of all, a lot of you are commenting on the fact that I am pregnant and I wasn't wearing a bra the other day. See, when I wear a bra, my boobs feel great its the second I take it off that I wanna crawl in a hole and die. However, since I spent about 19 months or so wearing a bra every night (I started while I was pregnant since I had so much milk leaking I needed to wear pads during pregnancy) I really really don't want to have to start sleeping in a bra again until I absolutely have to. Also, once the bra is off and they are just hangin there on their own, they really don't hurt since they aren't perky and don't move around much any more. They sort of just sag their on their own. Second, as I clearly stated I was in my jammies. As in the same jammies I had been wearing since about ooo I don't know FRIDAY night and I did put on a bra the one time I did leave the house but it came right off as soon as I got home, since all I really did Sunday was eat, nap, pee, nap, eat, pee and well, nap! And really, who can nap with a damn bra on?

Also Julia finally came out of the baby closet and is telling the world she is pregnant. So here you go, read about her here. I can't believe it because we are only a few days apart. Julia is having what is called a post deployment baby. Which means she got pregnant right after her husbands deployment was over. This makes me wonder, how full exactly the base hospitals are 9 months after a return from deployment! I am so excited for her, because she had the longest year waiting for her hubby to come back from secret classified places. She will soon be moving from Germany to Reno and will only be about 3 blocks from my house!

Last night I peed 4 times. Yes you read that right FOUR! times in one freaking night. As in 4 times from 8:32pM until 5:30AM. Dammit, I got no sleep.

Still no more puking though, so you won't catch me complaining about that. I get a little nauseous around 4PM but that is about it.

Yesterday I had a huge craving for a hot dog, but I didn't have any veggie dogs, or real dogs so I just pouted about it. Last night I craved some good vegetable soup from a can. Only problem is, THERE ARE NO GOOD VEGETABLE SOUPS THAT ARE GLUTEN FREE IN A CAN. This meant I had to suck it up and make a soup. Damn I am a good cook. The shit turned out so good I would have eaten the whole pot if I didn't get full after one serving. It was so good Brandon even liked it.

I forgot to weigh in on the first so I did this morning. I was 164 with sweats on. That isn't bad at all considering I don't think I've eaten less hen 5000 calories a day in the last week. No that isn't an understatement if you realize that just for breakfast the other day I had 1000 calories, then for second breakfast i had about 1500 from burger king, then I threw in three donuts for good measure and then some thai food, and then sushi....yeah I'm doing great on my diet people. Well, great if I was a skinny person trying to get fat! On the bright side the baby doesn't seem to mind one bit that I am eating all this shit!

O right, another little craving. I have been craving lemonade. Only, I crave it until I drink it, but then I hate it, and five minutes later I crave it again. Thats always fun.

The Easter egg hunt is Saturday and I am so excited I can't even contain myself. I got Brandon the most ridiculously embarrassing outfit I could. The outfit is complete with, blue seersucker pants, a matching blue and yellow pinstripe button down shirt and easter egg yellow sweater vest. Oh yes people, my son will hate me when he is 10 and I'm still making him wear this shit to the egg hunts. However, I earn cool points for getting him a super awesome Super Man easter egg basket. Since he can walk this year, he will be the shit at egg hunting and is going to totally kill your kids on who gets the most eggs. I have already taught him to kick, punch and scratch his way to the eggs! Beware moms, my sons meaner then yours!

I keep getting asked if I want a boy or a girl. To be honest I have no clue. This time when I was pregnant with Brandon, I already knew I was having a boy because I dreamt of him, plus I JUST KNEW! This time however I HAVE NO CLUE! No dreams, no give aways (like excessive puking) nothing. And, on the puking note, during my pregnancy with Brandon all I kept hearing was that puking was a good sign meaning the baby was healthy. So as much as I hated puking I can't help but wonder, if my lack of puking means this baby is going to be less healthy? Back to the gender thing. I honestly have no clue if I want a boy or a girl. On one hand, I would love a girl to be girly with and dress up and vomit up pink girlyness with. On the other hand I think darn, I have no girl stuff, I already have a boy room and boy clothes and so on. Plus I would love for Brandon to have a baby brother so they can rough house and play together and be life long pals. So I am really kind of torn. With Brandon I knew I wanted a boy. In fact had they said it was a girl I think I would have been a little disappointed. However, this time I think I will be ecstatic either way. My check book would be happier if it was a boy, and so would the majority of my family. My husbands family would much more prefer a girl, since there are like NO GIRLS AT ALL in that family!

Ummm lets see what other randomness I can spew out! Oh right, Steph is coming to the Easter egg hunt with us, since Rob will be out of town and I will need some sort of back up against all the other mothers after my son totally annihilates their kids on the grass! You think I'm bad now, wait till my son starts playing sports. I'll be that mom that gets in fights with other moms in the bleachers when their son hits my son with a baseball or just because their son sucks and I will feel inclined to shout that he is a crybaby wussy boy who hits like a girl...Yeah that will be me. Future T-ball moms in Reno, I apologize in advance for all the shit I'm going to start at the games. My husband said his mom wasn't allowed to come to games anymore after she started running up and babying him when he got hurt. That will also be me. I am fiercely protective over my little baby. So first I will run over and cuddle him publicly mom cooties and all, then I will go punch whatever little boy hurt my little boy, that, or I'll send my other kid to kick that kids ass so I don't go to jail for harming a child.

I will also be that mom screaming out tired old cheerleading chants during the games like,


Oh yeah, I'm not even scared to pull that one out. Plus if I have a daughter I will probably have to be her cheer leading coach, because cheer leaders are awesome, and I was totally like the best cheer leader there like ever was. Well, when I wasn't busy making out with the football team, or watching guys kick the shit out of each other, or off on a date. Yeah when I wasn't doing all that I was a pretty damn good cheer leader. LIKE! TOTALLY!

Wait just remembered two more great camp cheers,

Mayonnaise, mustard Ketchup (to be sang when some little boy is dragging his ass and needs to catch up to the rest of the all starts)


Hamburgers, hot dogs, hurry those buns (also sang to the slacker jack ass on the team who is afraid to run a little )

Oh yeah, I'm a great parent huh!

Theme song