You give a monkey an inch, and he takes the whole thing!

So Ginger and I were just sitting here chatting. Apparently Brandon was upset we weren't paying attention to him!

Look, I got all of my toys out of my toy box...

Ha ha you didn't stop me...Plus I'm really cute

And look! This is my belly!

More bout pets

Forgot I had a bunny that I named Hopper. He was cute. I loved him. He was a he until he had a crap load of baby bunnies who would get out of their cage and dig little burrows in the ground. I had chickens and ducks for a while and their babies used to get lost in the baby bunny burrow holes.

Okay so Lindz asked why I had so many pets. Well! We have always just loved animals, so as long as I can remember we have always had between 2 & 4 cats and at least two dogs. When I was little we lived on this big property and since I was a pain I convinced my parents to build me a big huge giant fenced area and they dug me a pond and that is where we kept the bunnies, chickens, ducks and the rooster.

I also forgot the Mastif puppy my ex and I had, we named him Hooch because he was almost like the dog in Turner and Hooch.

Now that I've moved out I only have Meister and my mom only has Catalano and her two dogs so we are doing better on the pet quota!

Who would ever let me name a child

So I was just over reading Cakerwakers and she was talking about her pets. I must admit some of their names were pretty funny, a dog named puppy and a cat named kitty. It got me thinking about some of my pets names and how they came to be.

The first ones I can remember were Pebbles and Bam Bam.
Pebbles- She came first, I must have been maybe about 4 and I was pretty into the Flinstones at the time.
Bam Bam- He was Pebbles baby so at the time this made perfect sense, although now that I think about it, Pebbles and Bam Bam were more like cousins then mom and baby....hmmmmm.

Catalano- Ahhhh he was named after Jordan Catalano on My So Called Life. Because, he was LIKE TOTALLY THE CUTEST BOY IN THE WORLD! Plus, Catalano had the word cat in it, so I thought I was being extra clever...Not so much

Henry- This was the Beagle dog I had for a few weeks. He was named after Tom Henry the guy I had the HUGEST crush on, and I some how thought that if I named my dog after him he would like me more....That worked huh? NOT!

Fefe- I so did not name this one, she came with that name so I can't held responsible for her poor name

Fluffy- Wait, again I didn't name that one.

Peanuts- He wasn't even supposed to be our cat. We bought him for our grandma and when we took him there she wasn't home so he ended up living with us. I named him peanut because he was an orange cat which to a 3rd grader, orange is totally the same color as a peanut huh! Right? I'm not color blind I swear.

Ranger- This was my lab he was brown. When we picked him up we drove our old ford ranger which was dark brown. On the glove box it said Ranger on it. I thought it made perfect sense brown dog Ranger & brown truck Ranger. Can you see how clever I really am?

Meister. Short for Jagermeister. This one is easy I used to be an alcoholic!

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