The nose hairs of late

I have always been someone with pretty great nose hairs. They were just short enough not to stick out of my nose like an 80 year old man. They were good nose hairs. The kind that you could really get a booger stuck in, you know! They would gently tickle my finger as I shoved it up my nose, to dig for a booger. Basically, my nose hairs have treated me pretty great through life.

Enter pregnancy. As you all know, I'm a vomiter when I'm pregnant. However what you may not have known is that I tend to also have vomit come out my nose. Since all I felt like doing lately is eat spicy food, you can imagine how much it sucks to throw up when your vomit burns your throat. What you can not imagine is how it feels to have said vomit singe your precious nose hairs.

Last week I had a nose full of luscious nose hairs. This week I have an angry, red, singed nose, with no such nose hairs to speak of. Woe is me!

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