Brandon's new trick

If he decides his diaper is too wet, he will run into his room and get a diaper. Then he brings it to me, pulls it all apart, puts it on the ground and sits on it. It is really really cute. I love watching him do this, because he is so darn smart. If we change his diaper in the the room, he runs to the diaper geenie and trys to put his diaper in there and then tries to turn it.

Other fun things he does. He tries to put his clothes on. He isn't real good but he tries. He knows how to make a copy on the copy machine. He knows that the remote turns on the TV. If you tell him to wipe his nose, he reaches down, grabs his shirt and wipes his nose on that, Sigh!

He can put DVDs in his TV and even knows which button means play.

Wait, remember earlier I told you I found an empty wipes container? Well I took it out of the sink and put it on the barstool. I guess Brandon had to poop so he ran into the room and he got another diaper. Only this time he knew he needed wipes so he ran in his room, unzipped his travel bag and got out his pack of wipes. He then pulled out every single wipe, put one wipe in the empty wipe box from the sink, packed a diaper in the second wipe box and ran it out to me in the living room. Now, I didn't see all of this, so when I noticed he pooped, I said lets go get a diaper. That is when I noticed that he had packed his little changing station. He pulled out his little diaper from his small box, unfolded it, gave it to me and then he opened his other box, pulled out a wipe and handed it to me and then laid down for his change. I had to laugh.


Things I found in my sink this morning:
1- Yellow left flip flop
1- Wooden mallet toy
1- Empty box of baby wipes
1- Large ball


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