He may have new hair but.......

He is still my baby!!!!!

That did not just happen and when will I learn

When will I learn not to let Brandon run around before a shower with out his diaper.

First he was standing by the front door looking outside and he pooped twice

then he ran to me and he pooped once,

sooooo being a genius I picked him up and tried to run him outside and he pooped midrun,

WHICH! I stepped in, causing poop to squish out the top of my toes.

Before and after


My heart is breaking right now. No more baby fuzz hair. I seriously cried when it happened. Sobbbbbbb! SOB! SNOT! SOB!

I think I finally discovered my first craving

BANANA! Me craving banana is like most women craving pickles. Its odd for them. You see, I will tolerate a normal banana sometimes, when I'm feeling healthy but that is about it. With the exception of runts and laffy taffy I don't like anything banana "flavored". I don't like banana breads, hate banana in smoothies and can't stand banana in juices. Strawberry orange banana, puuuulease. Eww. That is why it strikes me odd that I have been craving chocolate banana milkshakes (I prefer vanilla shakes with chocolate syrup or vanilla shakes with chocolate syrup and peanut butter.) I find it even more odd that I suddenly enjoy banana scones and possibly think I might even like a slice of banana bread. I find it amusing that I am craving something I usually would rather not have. I have been enjoying yogurt with banana flavor and banana flavor juice and so on. It is all so odd. So, I guess I finally discovered my first real/odd craving!

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