This might make Jen vomit

I just got a huge giant craving. Only, its for something that you have to have had before to truley appreciate. Boy, this is going to probably cause the biggest judgment of all judgments on this blog. There is a place here in Reno called Scoopers. On their menu is the biggest meanest baddest hot dog you ever saw. Are you ready for this.


I need a bucket to contain all this drool. I will have this by the end of the weekend.

How do you see you?

I blog about everything on here. I mean everything, from my marriage to my friendships to boogers and poop. I don't censor anything at all. I have never been that person. I have never been the person who is afraid to step on someones toes, and I'm definitely not someone who gets embarrassed by much at all. In my real life for the most part I'm an open book. Lately, I'm more open if you ask the right questions, because with age I've realized blurting out certain things to friends will hurt them. Often I choose to just write about it here and be done with it. I also write about anyone. There is no one who is safe from being written about on here. I will not write about things that I have been asked to keep secret and if I do I don't use names.

The part I'm finding amusing is something I was guilty of one time before I realized I needed to stop. Ginger wrote a blog one time about her friends. I immediately emailed her and freaked out saying how sorry I was because I thought the blog was about me. That is why recently when she wrote another blog about nameless friends I said, hey this isn't about me and was done with it. I wrote a blog not to long ago where I discussed my three friends. I used their names. However, if I hadn't all three of them could have read about each person and found something to make them think each person was them. The same goes for most other blogs I write. I usually leave a lot of them very general and very nameless. I do that, so when you read it, you can see some of your own life in my writing and ask yourselves questions. If I fill it with a bunch of names it is harder for you to relate it to your own life.

I wrote a blog yesterday or the day before (all the days are the same to me now) about my friends and how they drive me nuts when they change in relationships. As I wrote it I knew that each of my friends would secretly wonder if that blog was about them. When in actuality a huge majority of the blog was about someone I'm not even "close" friends with. But I don't have to be best friends to know when someone has changed who they are 100%. There were small parts of my own friends in that blog. Very very small parts. The funny part is, about an hour ago I was met with an e-mail from a raging friend who somehow thought the blog was about her. The funniest part is, apparently she thought this because her husband is out of town and she happened to ask me to do something during that time. I had no clue. I knew we had plans tomorrow, but at no time did I remember her husband was gone. I'm actually laughing over here because I really really had no clue and she really really thought I was calling her out when I said the part about a friend only hanging with me when her husband was gone. The part that is even more funny is I think in the time I've known them, he's only gone out of town like twice, and the person I was talking about their significant other is gone allllllllot.

After she wrote me it made me wonder. How do people see themselves. How is it she read that blog AFTER reading a blog about how much I value my friendship with her and somehow saw so much negative in herself she assumed I was writing about her? There was a very small bit that was about her, very small but nothing near as much as she thought. I have to wonder, what it is that makes people stop and see the bad. If I would have read that very same blog, which I basically did with Ginger, I would have never thought it was about me. For the main reason that I know I'm a good friend and I do the best I can. I'm shocked the person who read this couldn't see in herself that she is a great friend. I really sat there for a few minutes before responding and wondered, can she really be so critical of herself to think I feel this annoyed toward her? I'm amused to say the least. I guess, I am getting what I wanted from this blog. I am making people stop and look at who they are and question themselves. So in a way I guess I am successful at doing what I aimed to do. I just recommend that next time, before you get angry and assume it is about you, that you stop and ask me first. I'll tell you in private that 90% of that blog was really written about __________!

Things my son knows

Brandon is getting so smart. Our new thing is asking him to point to his body parts. He can point to his, head, nose, eyes, ears, belly, feet, hands, mouth, and pee pee. This morning though, he looked right at me, pointed and said BOOB! I said "what now" Boob mom BOOOOOB (says this as he is poking me right in the boob.) He knows where to get his diapers. At the end of the day he puts his shoes back on the shelf in his closet and says Shoe! Then claps. He tries to throw stuff away, but isn't very successful with the child locks. He now says more and some when he wants something, followed by please. Its very cute when I am carrying pie out to my car and I hear SOME? PLEASE, SOME AHHHHHHHHH (that is the sound a toddler makes when he opens his mouth and says ahhh asking for you to please put pie in it). He knows where the bones are to feed the dog. He can open every door now. He knows where his milk goes and helps get it out. If he is hungry he will stand on a chair to see if he can find anything on the counter before he drags me to the fridge. He knows the key goes in the ignition. That the remote turns on the TV and they keyboard on the computer makes letters appear on the screen. In the morning if we are laying in bed he will roll over and grab the remote so I will turn on Noggin. When I go to the bathroom he races ahead of me and puts the toilet lid up, then he grabs toilet paper, wads it up and stuffs it between my legs (I discuss this in my most recent letter to Brandon), then he will put the lid down and flush the toilet. He can feed himself, and in fact I haven't been able to feed him anymore for probably 9 months or so. At dinner time he runs and get in his high chair and waits for the goodies. If something is out of his reach he grabs his back scratcher or something else with a pole and will use that to shimmy what ever he wants off of whatever it is on.

He is getting so smart.

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