The other night I was making spaghetti. Keep in mind that I never cook. When the pasta was ready (but still boiling in water), I asked John how I should scoop out the noodles. He looked at me like I had three heads and told me to go get the strainer. So that is what that bowl with holes in it is for. WOW, I am losing my freaking mind! Christy doesn't win anything, just the knowledge that she is a dumb ass like me!

I Picked this post because it really made me giggle. The only thing that would have made it better is if she reached her hand in and grabbed it out of the water. Christy was followed in second place by Jen. Jen forgot to submit her post but since it involved me I submitted it for her. Last week I told Jen she really really needed to read Gingers most recent post. She replied to me, "OMG I'm reading this now" I said which one, she says "the one about the alarms!" Huh, what now? Alarms. So I search her web page, nope, nothing about alarms. I ask Jen again, she reads me the title of the post...JEN WAS READING MY BLOG. She hadn't even navigated away from what she was already reading and somehow thought she was on Gingers blog. NERD!

Its so bad I had to wait till the next day to write about it

We are interviewing people to fill an office helper position in my office. That should be enough said right there, but there is soooo much more. Since we have had a problem in the past finding good help who can file simple alphabetical files we decided this time, so we would have them fill out and application and then we would have them file 7 files. The seven files I chose to have them file were:
5 purple customer files
Bill Pearce Honda 2007
Laurie Galvin
Home Depot store 3304 2007
Quail Business park 2007
Loretta Schumacher

2- Orange job files
Dan Koozer Job #07007
Ida Maye Job #07037

Okay now some background on our filing system. It is very easy. All along the wall are big file cabinets with drawers labeled alphabetically. Since we have lots of customers we are no longer able to just fit all of A in one drawer. So the first drawer is A-Ar and the second would be As-Az. Makes sense right? Also they are clearly labeled. Then, there is a small drawer on the other wall with orange job files. These are simply filed by job # which I explained to each person. All of our jobs with more then one year are filed with the newest year in front so it is the fastest to grab. If you look at the files you can clearly see it will go Bill Pearce 2005 with Bill Pearce 2006 in front and so on. Here is what I got.

First girl: She seems to breeze through the first 3 files. Then she gets to Quail Business park. She looks at the files labeled S and says no no Q wouldn't be here. She then proceeds to open the T drawer. Digs around in it, stares at it some, closes it, looks at it from the outside and repeats Q Q Q to herself. She opens the T drawer again, steps back very confused and says OOOO Q wouldn't be here. She then, goes back to the 4- S drawers and stares at them. Finally I think she stops and says the alphabet to herself and realizes Q COMES BEFORE S. So she begins reading all of the cabinets searching for Q. Q is a small section IT HAS ITS OWN DRAWER WITH A GIANT Q ON THE FRONT! She finally gets it. In the end she has filed Bill Pearce very close to where it should go but she filed it two files in front so the files went Bill Pearce Honda 2007, Larry Biel, Mary Bieller, Bill Pearce Honda 2006. Okay so -1 for first girl.

Girl two: She rushes through filing. I when I think she is done I go in and she is staring at the Bill Pearce file. She says, "Ummm I don't understand, there are two Bill Pearce 2005 files and two 2006 and two 2007 I don't get where this one goes." So, with more patience then I knew I had I said, well that is because the other ones say Bill Pearce Oldsmobile and these ones say Bill Pearce HONDA. (keep in mind at this point she can see how alllll of the Bill pearce files are filed.) She files the file and leaves. I found that she filed Bill Pearce 2007 behind 2005 making the order of the files to go 2007, 2005, 2006. Gee even I can see that isn't right. She then proceeds to file Home Depot 2007 all the way behind 2004. Oh boy. She files Schumacher after Schumaker so the files go, Dr. Schumacher, Kirk Schumacher, Mike Shumaker, Loretta Shumacher. Yes, those look in order right? The most interesting part of all is she filed the Quail 2007 file in the right spot making the files go 2005, 2006, 2007. Why would she do 2 files one way and a third the other? -3

The third lady files them all right but puts Bill Pearce in the back again. This flabbergasts me since she manages to file the other two right. How can you not manage to file consistently for 3 little files? -1

The forth girl. Oooo the poor forth girl. Still, this morning I can not understand her rational. Okay here it goes. I come in to check her. I look for the Bill Pearce file, it is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. Okkkkay. I go to pull Galvin, NOPE. I ask her, ummm where did you file these? She opens the L drawer and pulls out Galvin. I pause look at the label and realize she has filed it under Laurie the first name. Now, heres where it gets good. She simply opened the L drawer and then dug around in it until she found another name that started with L then shoved the file in front of that one. Which means, had I given her a file named Zeke Jenkins she would have dug around in the Z's for hours trying to find a file with the first name Z and she would have been there forever because we don't have a name that starts with a Z and is also a Z last name. IT GETS BETTER. She then shoved Loretta Schumacher behind Laurie Galvin. She got Home Depot in the right file but in the wrong order. She got Quail in the right file in the right order. Still we can not find Bill Pearce. I go to the orange files, filed by job# and see that she has filed then by first name. So the first one is Dan Koozer. She files that between an A and P first named file. Then she files Ida May between two separate files. At this point we begin opening every drawer searching for Bill Pearce. We found it in the L's. While she was in the L drawer she saw a file labeled Bill Loefler. She stuck Bill Pearce after Bill Loefler. I almost died. That means 3 out of 5 purple files she filed in the SAME DRAWER. Even if she was trying to file by first name how could she possibly think B & L would go in the same file? -7

Today, before they are even allowed to fill out an application I am going to make them file! It can't get worse right? RIGHT???????

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