So what do I do with him

This morning Brandon was intently watching Blue's Clues. Just happily staring at the screen. Suddenly out of no where he went running to the bathroom screaming POOPOO POOPOO. He got to the door and started crying because it was shut. I opened the door, took off his diaper and he pushed his stool over to the toilet climbed up, did a number one and about 5 minutes later he did a number two.

My real question here is what do I do with this? Do I try and potty train him or do I just keep letting him randomly go to the potty? He isn't even two yet he is only 21.5 months old. Todays big step was that we went and bought a little Elmo potty seat to put over the big seat so he wouldn't fall into the toilet anymore. He hasn't gotten to try that out yet since we just got back from Elmo live and he is all tuckered out and passed right out on the drive home.

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