A big ole can of whoop ass....assvice that is

Pretty sure I'm going to regret this later. However since most of you are way ahead of me on this I'm going to open this up for some serious assvice here. Ya'll said go ahead and potty train. Only problem. I'm pretty sure I have zero clue exactly how this potty training thing goes. Old organized Shannon would have pulled out all of my books and bought about 45 more while researching online all the perfectly right ways to do this. However, new worn out, overwhelmed, lazy mom Shannon says it sounds so much easier to just let you all tell me how it worked for you. I'll pick the best sounding one and go from there and when that doesn't work I'll move on down the list. Oh yeah be specific. Someone said they used a timer. Only they didn't tell me how long they set the timer for, did they use the timer for how long the kid was on the potty or how long between being one the potty, what kind of timer did they use, was it an egg, or the microwave or some cute froggy looking timer.

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