I know you all got a good laugh out of me leaving the cheese in the cheese drawer. However, when my son does this, it isn't funny its just plain cute.

Things Brandon has hidden:

1. A Bob the Builder CD. This was found in the bathroom drawer placed there totally with a purpose.

2. One set of work keys, found in the grass behind my work.

3. A flashlight, found inside the fridge on the bottom shelf, by the milk.

4. Toilet bowl scrubber, found inside the trash can.

5. Numerous milks found both in the cabinet inside of my pots and pans, AND behind the bookshelf in my living room.

6. Little socks these can be found under his TV stand on the bottom shelf in a nice little pile.

7. A whole roll of toilet paper. This can be found unrolled and then shoved in the toilet.

8. The bedroom remote, always in the living room.

9. The playstation controller never stays in the Playstation room it is always moved into the living room.

10. One half jumbo Costco size bottle of Emerils seasoning can be found on the kitchen floor and in my childs hair.

Spoke to soon

I was chatting with my aunt last night on yahoo. She asked how I was feeling. HA! I said this,

"Actually if my boobs didn't hurt I wouldn't even know I was pregnant. I'm not sick, my belly isn't popping out, and i'm not even having any weird side effects!"

This morning I woke up and I have wanted to puke now 4 times. Once when I opened the diaper pale. Once, when I changed a poopy diaper that I'm pretty sure was rotten sewage in disguise, once when my shit head cousin started sniffing his cast and tried blowing stink air out of it with a bike pump, and once just walking down the hall. Oh and once now reliving the cast thing.

Why did I open my big damn mouth? HUH? WHY!!!!!!!!

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