Short and sweet

I'm home. There is a baby inside of me still. I'm on bed rest for a few weeks. I'll update more tomorrow I'm tired right now!

Shannon Update #2

This is Jen (again)- here is another update from Shannon:

Doctors just came bye. They said that the bleeding has slowed and things look good. I will be on bed rest for a few weeks. However this clot has taken a lot of my platlettes and clotting ability. My platlette count keeps dropping. If that doesn't go up it is bad and they might have to take the baby. If it stabelizes then the baby and I will be fine in a few weeks. So I guess more waiting and seeing --wilddreemer

Where Shannon has been the last 36 hours....

Hi Everybody- this is Jen (Lost in Translation) posting for Shannon. She wanted to update you guys and sent me the following to post for her:

Hi everyone first I want to say I'm writing from my cell phone so I am sorry for typos and spelling mistakes. At 4 am thursday morning I woke up and noticed I was bleeding. I went to the bathroom and right as I got there a large thing fell out of me. I put on some gloves and fished it out. Hubby and I headed to er. They said with that amount of bleeding it was safe to assume I had or was miscarrying the baby. They thought the thing that fell out might have been the baby. They sent it away to labs and sent me for an ultrasound. They informed me I would be told nothing until the radiologist read it and told them. While the lady was ultra sounding she turned the monitor toward me and said..I probably shouldn't show you this, but your baby is right there moving and there is the heart beat. I was soooo confused and started crying. Finally the er dr came in and told me that my placenta is tearing away from the wall and that is causing the bleeding which is also causing clots. She told me that I would be given an iv and sent up to labor and delivery to be monitored. It took them two tires in my hands to get the iv in and I was sent up. Once up there the doctor informed me that we have no choice but to wait and see if the clot comes out nicely and my placenta scars back in place OR if the clot tears the placenta the rest of the way off. If the second one happens they will preform surgery to take the baby and placenta so I don't bleed to death. The baby will die if that happens. For now I am on hospital bed rest and we are watching the blood to see if it slows or not. They said I could know more tonight or it could take weeks to know. So far the baby has been a trooper and is till there. I'm hanging out here in the hospital bed bored to death.
Yesterday my family brought my son by to see me and I cried because in just 15 hours he already seemed to grow so big. I hope I'm not here long I have a hard time not being with my little boy. My husband came by and stayed in bed until I fell asleep. Then I sent him home so he could get good sleep before work. I've been poked a total of 5 times now. They are running out of places to poke me. Okay well I'm going to go back to watching tv guide channel. Take care everyone.

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