Isn't this cute?

So I'm not a big fan at all of pink and purple girly shit for little girls in their room. In fact I hate it. Brandons room is also NOT BLUE its lime green. I love the colors in this bedding. Then I'm thinking of doing the top half of the room bright whit with a red bottom and then the wood piece that separates the two colors being black. Then having a black chalk board section on the red wall, and repainting Brandons crib black!

Where did he learn that

The new thing my son does is sit on top of my cat and say IDDIUP IDDIUP (GIDDIUP GIDDIUP) while bouncing up and down???? I'm just wondering who taught him to say and do that?

How I know we hired the right girl to work in our office

I know we hired the right girl because I commented once that chocolate was the way to my heart very briefly. She wanted to do something special as a get well present for me. This is what I got!

And thats how I know we hired the right girl!


You just invited me to read your blog...its private..i cant read it if its private?

If I'm going down I'm taking you down with me

Since I'm on bedrest and bored out of my head and I have nothing fun and interesting going on in my life I might as well take my husband down with me.

A conversation with my husband and I at the store.

Rob: Babe, where do they keep the baby powder?

Me: Umm I dunno over sort of by the pads or the Q-tips

Rob: Shhhh I don't want people to know that its for me

Me: Did you find it

Rob: Umm yeah but what kind

Me: Well I usually get you the kind with cornstarch


Me: Right so your worried that people at Walmart are going to know you powder your ass for work

Rob: OMG shhhh people can hear

Me: Ummmm yeah lets go get Tylenol

Rob: Cody does it too

Me: So why are you so shy and ummm how do you know Cody does that?

Rob: Cuz he told us at work

Me: So you guys are close enough you just drive around talking about powdering your asses?

Rob: Well, no, umm I mean everyone at work knows Cody has SWAMP BUTT

Me: Did you just say swamp butt? You guys actually call it swamp butt?

Rob: Not me, my butt just sweats, Cody says he has swamp butt but not me.

Me: Whatever maybe you should get some extra baby powder to take to work for your boyfriend!

The horizontal mom challange

Okay so as you all know I'm on bed rest for "a while". I have no idea how long but at least a week. Soooooooooo You have to expect that my lazy ass is going to be bored. AS IN MORE BORED THEN I ALREADY AM AND ITS ONLY BEEN TWO DAMN DAYS. So the challenge. This week you guys need to step up your posts, quality and quantity. I need to see posts every day so I always have something to read. They need to be funny and good and interesting, oh and gossip doesn't hurt either. I get bored easy...I've already checked my blogs about 13 times since 5:30 this morning. Okay 13 might be a lie, it was more like 25. Soooo please posts lots of goodies and post frequently....oh also pictures are good!

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