Since when did a bed become an entire room?

In my house we have a rule. Okay no, wait thats not right. I have a rule. Whether my husband choses to follow it.....well. The rule is you don't fart in the bedroom if I'm there or the living room. Farting in the bed is VERY BAD. Basically farting near me is no good, especially when I'm pregnant and my smeller is working at about 1000% increase. Thats why I find last nights conversation so amusing.

Rob: Coming into bed, puts one leg on bed and BRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAPPPPPPTTTTTTPTPT

Me: Extremely disgusted look on my face

Rob: What? I didn't do it in the same room as you

Me: (Mental HUH) Umm dear your in the bedroom with me

Rob: No no I'm not all the way in the bed though so it doesn't count, the bed is like its own room

Me: HUH?

However, this is far better then his new habit...apparantly my husband farts so often he pretty much doesn't notice anymore. Its like breathing, just a habit. So now we will be sitting in the small guest room together, he will let one out that makes me start to gag and look me dead in the eye and say "WHAT?" He really, no joking has no idea what he's just done and has to literally sniff the air about 5 times to believe he did it. He also says, if he doesn't know he did it, it also doesn't count!

This has been another episode of SHANNON TAKES HER HUSBAND DOWN WITH HER!

Things I did today

  • Woke up
  • laid on couch
  • laid on other couch
  • changed positions and laid the other way
  • emailed jen
  • created a video of Brandon
  • started to burn video
  • set computer down
  • lost video of brandon
  • emailed jen
  • cursed and banged computer
  • started over
  • emailed jen
  • thought about brushing teeth
  • put on fresh clothes
  • put on deodorant
  • got mad cuz jen wasn't replying quick enough
  • realized my computer is slow
  • brushed hair
  • brushed teeth
  • wondered if i should think about taking a shower some time this week
  • decided against it
  • sprayed perfume instead
  • ate some chips
  • ate chips from the other couch
  • watched homemade dvd
  • emailed jen
  • yahooed a lot
  • thought about cookies and milk
  • resisted cookies and milk till after cousin came with tacos
  • emailed jen
  • thought about maybe just one cookie
  • pouted on couch for not eating cookie
  • noticed legs had scales on them
  • put on lotion
  • noticed legs still scaly may need more lotion
  • emailed katie spelled i'm ime...thats not right
  • watched baby shows on TLC
  • cried at baby shows
  • pouted because baby is still so far away
  • thought about cookies
  • reallllly thought about cookies
  • posted this blog while thinking about cookies
  • realized ginger is bringing brownies later
  • brownies will not interfere with cookies!

Its a long one

Okay so being on bed rest gives me a loooooot of time to dick around on the computer. So here is an 11 minute video of my son...Sorry its so long but like I said I'm BORED here people

Giddy Up Kitty from wilddreemer on Vimeo

Dream a little dream for me

I know Jen has said a little about pregnancy dreams but so far I haven't. I seem to have a nightly pattern. It starts off with one to two bad dreams. Followed by about 7274988 sex dreams. The kind of sex dreams that you couldn't even create in your mind if you were awake. To date I'm pretty sure I've also had a dream about kissing every one of my major ex boyfriends, however there was always some major fault. For instance I kept dreaming I was kissing Kenny, only his teeth were rotting out but I had it in my head that if I kissed him his teeth would magically get better, oh yeah this all took place at a gas station, that my family stopped at while driving our Big Rig with an RV attached. NICE!

Last night however I first dreamt that I was about to die and a man in a gas mask showed up and right at that moment I opened my eyes and since I didn't have on glasses it was all blurry. This caused me to freak out thinking someone was poisoning all of us and I totally flipped out. Then I woke all the way up and thought NOW WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT. After that dream though instead of a sex dream I started to dream about the baby....and right when I thought I was dreaming it was a girl Rob started wiggling and I woke up SO NOW I'LL NEVER KNOW!


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