Why LIndsay should be suspended from blogging

Last week Lindsay wrote this shit of a post. Go ahead I'll wait here while you navigate to it. Don't worry you don't have to read the whole fucking thing, the giant Starbucks logo splashed right there when you open it is all that you need to see.

Thats not all though. Do you know what the little shit did next? SHE WENT ON VACATION! Meaning my sorry ass has had to stare at a giant ass Starbucks logo about 10 times a day all week (so what if I'm to stubborn to stop checking blogs of people I know are out of town, maybe they will post from out of town).

The problem here you ask? I'm stuck here at home. Eating whatever is at home or whatever people bring me which is usually totally not what I want. BECAUSE all I want is a grande mocha frappacino with 3 petite vanilla scones or even a lemon scone, or some of every damn pastry they offer there, especially those delicious sugar cookies with the pretty frosting.

Since none of my friends like Starbucks and it cost about as much as an arm and a leg I have as of yet asked anyone to bring me some. My homeade coffee isn't cutting it.

DAMN YOU LINDSAY DAMN YOU! Next time put up a picture of a steak or something I wouldn't eat before you go out of town!

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