My night

I'm not sure if I've told you all yet that when Rob and I found out we were having another baby we decided we had to make a change with Brandons sleep habits. Our first step was to put a toddler bed at the end of our bed and move him there. After a few months of that this weekend we moved him into his own room. This was extra scary for me because A: I sleep with ear plugs and can't hear him and B: His room along with the new babies room are in the front of the house. In fact the only window in the front of my house leads to the new babies room. Because he has just started sleeping in there we leave the dimmer on in his room and a single overhead light on in the kitchen in case he tries to find his way to our room.

Back to tonight. I finally get settled in bed and doze off. An hour passes when suddenly I hear the familiar CLICK CLICK of my husband cocking his gun. This is one sound that can shake me out of a sleep so fast you would think I just got an adrenaline shot. I pull out my ear plugs only to hear some lady on my porch screaming;

My husband, being wary doesn't let her in, instead calls the police and takes his gun out waiting for her. He tells me to go watch Brandon. At this point I haven't woken all the way up I don't have my glasses and I just hear screaming and my husband telling me to watch my son. I'm shitting my pants people. I'm thinking Christ his room is so close to the front, it's a childs room so it doesn't have a lock, what if someone forces them self in and so on. The lady starts being very rude to my husband and the neighbors and tells my husband we shouldn't have left those lights on if we didn't want people to think we are awake and knock on our door.

Finally the cops show up, they drive to her house come back and get her and say they are going to take her home or something. We don't know because she didn't speak a word to us, not even a thanks for calling the police and standing out here with me, when this could have been some kind of set up for someone to enter your house while we were all outside. She left, we came in and on the way in we saw the biggest spider ever just walk in our house. He was about the size of a half dollar. Rob mushed him before I really lost it.

Now we are both wide awake, my stomach is in knots and I'm terrified of letting my son and the new baby sleep in the front of the house!

Babies R Us coupons

I just received the Babies R Us catalog. If you don't get it there were some great coupons in it that you can use online since you won't have the coupon in store.

15.00 any bedding over $100.00 coupon code 917894
25.00 off on any wood furniture, glider or ottoman coupon code 917891
3.99 off every bathtub, bath seat or diaper pail 12.99 or more coupon code 917884
10.00 off every carseat over 40.00 coupon code 917876
20.00 off any stroller or travel system over 100.00 coupon code 917881
5.00 every bouncer or travel swing coupon code 917879
15% off every dr browns, avent, or playtex feeding or soothing item coupon code 917887
25.00 off every crib matrress combo coupon code 917892

these are valid 6/18/07-7/15/07

Taking guesses

Okay everyone since we find out tomorrow I'm asking everyone to tell me what they think I'm having. Then we will find out who is right!

Went to the DR

I went to the doctor. Babies heart is still beating 152 bpm. Cervix is closed. The spotting is from healing and me not being the worlds best bed rester. I've been cleared for an hour of work a day at my discretion. I find out the sex tomorrow and have my big appointment with the perinatologist (couldn't spell that if I tried). I am on biweekly appointments with my doctor and I think biweekly with the perinatologist (still can't spell it). The doctor said tomorrow I will find out if I can be cleared from bed rest for good or if I have to stick to my hour a day shit. Also he said he hopes I won't have to see the perinatologitisutiaoi (I give up trying) for very much longer. I find out boy or girl at 3PM so log on around 430 tomorrow to find out the big news. For now its back to my couch!

Rodeo time

Its been a while since I've posted pics of my kid, so here you go.
Since I'm cripple now you know my parents took Brandon to the rodeo. Notice the outfit. Apparently taking Brandon to the rodeo meant they had to go buy him Wranglers, cowboy boots, and the most cowboytastic Wrangler snap up shirt you ever did saw!

Papa and Brandon at the fair

Brandon on the roller coaster. He refused to get off and was so mad he had to wait in line. Then once he learned he would get really excited to get off and get back in line and go again and again and again.

Brandon and Papa on the carousel

Look I'm still on the roller coaster Weeeeeeeee

This fucking balloon now lives in my house. It is taller then Brandon and wider then most of my doors. He drags it alllll over the place. Notice his boots and shirt in this picture. I guess he made my dad carry him all around the fair on his shoulders, while holding the damn smiley balloon guy. The next morning he got up rushed to the balloon and brought it to me screaming bawoon bawoon bawoon like I had never seen a balloon before. Did I mention they were at the rodeo until midnight? I guess they showed Brandon that giant four story slide and he wouldn't stop going down it. So finally at 11:45 PM when I called to see if my child was still alive they were carrying him out kicking and screaming. He then road home with that balloons legs wrapped around him in the carseat because he refused to put it down! What a wonderful night for Brandon.

O for fucks sake

Did some one tell my husband about my shopping while on bed rest? Because for some reason the damn fucking Company Store website won't fucking load this morning and its ass though my husband called them and said BAN MY WIFE FROM YOUR WEBSITE..and my first order hasn't even arrived yet. Goddammit I want to order more shit people!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm giving it five minutes before I make someone else log in as me to help me spend my money. Dammit I need more shit people!

Updated to add: Finally got on to the website and the slut whore website didn't remember my credit card which means I had to get up and go find it. Why are they making it so hard for me to give them my money!

and round and round we go

This morning I woke up to cramping and more bleeding. I had a little on Saturday that was just small stripes when I wiped (sorry graphic) but today there is enough that its actually making a mark on my panty liner. It seems like its dark so part of me doesn't want to worry. Since I am already going to the doctor tomorrow I would really like to avoid having to go today to. I'm not going to call unless it turns bright red and there is a super way lot. I kind of adjusted Brandon in bed this morning and I helped him onto the toilet so maybe that was just too much for me. Anyway it is starting to seem like getting off bed rest this week is a snowballs chance in hell DAMMIT!

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