Trading in for a new model

There are times in everyones marriage where they want to trade in for a new model. I don't mean they cheated or you hate them or something, I mean if you think hard enough, there are times where you just wanted to kill them and trade in for a new model.

Example given!
The day we were going to deliver Brandon I hadn't eaten in 24 hours. This wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't delivering Brandon at 4 in the fucking afternoon. Oh yeah top that off with nothing to drink I was a real fucking sweet heart to be around! Back to the point. We get in the car to drive to the hospital and Rob mentions he was hungry. He tells me he is going to grab something to eat at the hospital while they are prepping me. I growl at him. Do you know what the little shit stops and gets??????


At this moment, I didn't just want to trade in, I wanted to throw his ass out of the moving car on the freeway. The whole 15 minute ride to the hospital all I could smell was the scent of golden delicious french fries. We get to the hospital and he really tried to eat that in my room. I all but went exorcist on his ass and told him he better go out into the fucking waiting room or I would divorce him before that baby was born. He slinked out into waiting room with his jumbo soda right when they brought me a shot of some acid reflux stuff that tasted like whiskey mixed with nyquil and at that point I started throwing a huge fit because that man couldn't get his McDonalds out of my room fast enough.

So do any of you have times when you have wanted to trade in for a new model?

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