Last night Big Brother started. I'm just warning you all now YOU WILL HEAR A LOT OF STUFF ABOUT BIG BROTHER...A LOT! Side note to say CHILL TOWN! So I'm apologizing in advance for all of my crazy rants, hateful spews, and probably tears. So far as I can see, I already HATE all the new people and they are all to young, accept the weird girl who packed her bible. And seriously A cheer leader. Come on now. Can they invite anymore young hot skinny drama to this show. I'm pretty sure this years criteria was that you;
Must not be older then 21
Must have ultra salon hair
Must have fake boobs
Must have fake tan
Must look like you belong on the OC
Must look like they are sex addicts!

Of course there is the one token gay guy, and the older mom lady. I think they could have cast a lot better!

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