I have low iron. I always have low iron during pregnancy. I know this because when I walk into my doctors office they have a tendency to say, "you look a little pale, maybe your low on iron. I translate this to mean, "you look like shit you pale fat ass, what the hell can you not put yourself together and throw some lip gloss on when you leave the house?"

Apparently my kids just suck the iron out of me. So the doctor has given me some new fangled iron pill. The directions were specific DO NOT TAKE WITH DAIRY!!!!!!!

So, that big piece of creamy cream cream pie I just ate.....ouch, I'm not feeling so good now. Dammit, why don't I listen? Really, why do I think I know better? I actually, really, for reals thought, ehh its pie, that can't really be dairy right???? Uh duh. Its a layer of banana CREAM followed by a layer of chocolate CREAM, topped with chocolate chips and whipped CREAM! I'm going to go right ahead and claim baby brains here!

A few didbits

* My husband was apparantly right...Transformers are cool or something, not only did the movie do good, Walmart is plastered in Tranformers this and Transformers that.
* My son thinks toast is butter. He prefers his butter on actual toasted bread but then proceeds to simply lick the butter off and ask for more toast (ie butter on his toast)
* His new favorite thing to do is ask, WHAT YOU DOING? He doesn't actually care what you are doing, what he wants you to do is ask him what he's doing. To which he replies NOTTING! Always nothing, he could be playing in the sprinkler doing nothing, eating, doing nothing, getting in trouble, doing nothing.
* When he is playing with dad he likes to say silly boys, silly boys, silly boys
* Going outside now means that he must have the hose on and the sprayer attached, which means, the house is no longer safe unless we shut the door and let him shoot at us through the window.
* I got him this new little tractor truck thingy. He pushes a button on top and then you hear honk honk grind grind and probably the most annoying sounds ever. This means that he just stands there pushing the button over, and over and over and over and over AND OVER!
* I look like a retard in my non maternity bathing suit!
* I'm also very very white, I'm so white I think I look blue
* Rob farted on the couch next to me this weekend. I said, honey, why did you have to do that next to me? His response???? "Well you said you wanted me to cuddle and spend time with you and Brandon today, I figured that meant you wouldn't mind if I farted here", I replied with a dirty look and gag face!
* I went to the store and got my Sixlets. They are joy in a bag. I still haven't gotten my salt water taffy but you can bet your ass I will today. With the sixlets I came home with a thing of Ben and Jerry's Phish food, only it was limited edition so it had chocolate fish and chocolate cows, know what they called it?????Ben and Jerry's SURF AND TURF HAAAAAAAAA!

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!

So, Friday night Rob and I had this little fight about his video game and my computer. We came up with this idea that he was going to give up games for a month and I was supposed to give up my computer. Being all stubborn and shit I was all, "sure fine piece of cake sukkah!"

THEN I CAME TO MY SENSES. I realized, aside from having to blog and NEEDING to read blogs, I also had to do rational stuff like balance our checkbook and pay bills from here.

Anyway I decided I would go the whole weekend with out being online. Then I realized that even though he lost his playstation HE SOOOO STILL HAD HIS OWN COMPUTER. I was pretty irritated with that set up! He is a sneaky little sucker! However, no matter how envious I was as he sat playing computer games and Myspacing I kept my end of the deal and didn't touch my computer all weekend, except to get a recipe to make his dinner, which he pre-approved.

But you can believe by this morning my fingers were just itching to tap tap tap away at the keyboard and the moment he was gone I was up and running! I'm full of shit to say but its been so long I have to put it all in order and then you better watch out, the posts will be coming!

See how lazy we can be

Saturday my husband got this bright idea that we should all dress up in our swim trunks, put the spray thingy on the hose and let Brandon chase us around. Wow, does he have good aim. I'm working on a video of him just shooting us full blast point blank and laughing with glee. Finally to convince him to put down the hose I brought us all an Otter Pop. He loved his for about three seconds and then decided he wanted to trade me and taste mine. Then he traded dad, and so on until he had pretty much eaten all three.

Here you go Brandon, try mine

Aww gee thank you

Guess you liked blue better

Here dad try some

Look I can just slurp it out of my hand

This isn't making a mess at all

Yeah dad thanks for the help now I can drink it with both hands

This is some good shit

Double fistin it....this kid is so ours

Oh yeah I want every last drop

How my weekend started out

So I'm just walking along, like seriously, just walking with my plate of spaghetti. You can see from looking at the plate, how the spaghetti just slid from its need little pile right off the side of the plate. However, I didn't trip, stumble or fall, the spaghetti seriously just slid off.This is why I hate having carpet in my dining room!

I mean really, can you give a girl a break. Now my carpet has a lovely stain in a gorgeous shade of pink!

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