I'm sure I've mentioned this before but I'm pregnant, and I just puked so if I want to talk about it again I'm going to, and your going to like it.

At night, when Rob and I sleep we sleep back to back. This isn't because we hate each other, its because during pregnancy I sleep on my left side or it hurts way bad for some reason any other way. Since I sleep on the right side this means my back faces Rob. So, when Brandon wakes up at night, or in the morning and comes in, he cant just walk right up to me since my back will face him. We have a hope chest at the end of our bed, next to the chest is a little step stool. So Brandon steps on the stool, onto the chest and ends up smack in the middle of Rob and I.

Here is my favorite part. No matter what he always choses to come to me. What he does is even cuter. He just walks right up to me, bends over my shoulder to my face, gets right in my face and says HI MOM! Then he moves away to let me roll over. If I don't roll over fast enough he pops his head back over and gives me a big ole kis and says MOOOOOOOOM. It is so sweet when he does that. It is like a guarantee that every day I wake up and forget anything else from the prior day. I love it so much. I think it is extra special since he only comes to me. This is another one of those things I talked about, you know, having a son. Because I have a little boy I have these special moments with him. Moments that Rob is never going to have. The moments that keep me going. The moments that keep me from getting mad the he is waking me up at 2AM, moments that keep me from getting angry when he dumps purple Kool Aid on my carpet.

It makes me afraid, for the day these things end. The day he wakes up and just plays in his room rather then coming to find mama. Or the day he is taller then me, or the day he doesn't want me to kiss it and make it better. So I soak up every second of it. I drink it in, like it is the last drink of water I'll ever have. That way when the day comes when mom becomes just another girl with cooties, I can lay in bed and remember the times when my son couldn't start his day with out a kiss from his mommy.

Since I guess I'm not alone

I had no idea anyone other then my husband and I watched scrubs. Here in Reno we seem to be alone on the I HEART SCRUBS thing. Soooo I've decided to post a clip of my all time favorite moment on scrubs. Not the Todd, but Turk.

Another fantasic episode of SHANNON TAKES HER HUSBAND DOWN WITH HER!

Rob got home last night at 4:30. From that time until bed time he was farting and farting and farting and farting. I was beyond annoyed. Finally we get in bed and I was like crap, you just had an egg sandwich, your going to be farting all damn night. He was like yeah but I'll do it quietly. I was like babe, come on, I wear ear plugs, it just bugs me when you wake me up from stinkiness. So you know what he does?????????

This is classic. This just gives you a look into the nerd I married. He reaches back, pulls his butt cheeks apart and farts. Then he says..."SEE LOOK I FARTED QUIET, THATS WHAT I DO AT NIGHT, I PULL MY BUTT CHEEKS APART SO THE NOISE DOESN'T BOTHER YOU"!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to tell you, I nearly fell out of my bed with laughter. Through my laughs and snorts I say, "Babe you know I'm going to have to blog about that right, you know I HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT WHAT YOU SAID!"

He didn't even fight me on it. He knew. HE KNEW! There was no stopping me, I was blogging about the fact that my husband wakes up at night, pulls his butt cheeks apart and silently toots.

So now you see, now you see what kind of man I'm married to. I mean, it takes a special man to be married to me, but after last night, I'm pretty sure it takes a very special woman to be married to that man!

Uhhh, I swear I was about to say something

Okay let see. Hmmmm. Nope I've lost it. Dammit, it was funny too.

Okay so while I sit here trying to remember what I was going to say, I'll tell you how Brandon is staring at the TV saying Tooking Monster Tookie Monster. Its very cute.

I'll also tell you how I just stuck my finger in my belly button and how I might have found some Krispy Kreme donut in there. But, there is no hard evidence to prove that I walk around with donut in my body parts.

Oh yeah, just to check in on names. Rob and I are about 76% sure we have a real name for the new baby now. First his name was going to be Kodie Marie, because he was going to be a she. Then his name was going to be Stephen Daniel. Only, I hated the name Stephen with a thousand daggers and got angry every time Rob tried to call my baby Stephen HIS NAME ISN'T STEPHEN. Oh wait, have I told you all how since I'm carrying the baby I take the name very seriously because I can already start to tell the babies personality so to me the name has to fit perfect with the kid. Yeah talk about a real pain in your ass. Soooo then the babies name was going to be Kaleb Daniel, after baby Kaleb. However Rob hated that name. I liked it, because this baby is calm and just sort of chill and Kaleb is a name that totally fits with that. So then we got frustrated and the baby had no name. Side step here, remember that post I wrote, the one about Rob at Walmart, with the baby powder? Anyway, in that post I mentioned this guy Cody. That is Rob's NEW friend from his NEW job. Well, way before the boy Cody we loved the name Kodie for a girl. Anyway Rob and Cody become friends, start hanging out, and basically Rob gets a little man crush on Cody. OR maybe a big one. We have this BBQ and Rob gets way drunk (for those of you who don't know when my husband gets drunk, he isn't a jerk, he becomes so giggly, and lovey and affectionate and he LOVVVVVES EVERYONE! So he's all drunk and he's like Cody I love you. Cody is so great. I wish I was Cody, and I'm pretty sure if I listened hard enough he probably proposed marriage to Cody (not the first time my husband has asked a guy to marry him, he is still begging the sushi maker at his favorite sushi place to marry him and move in and make him sushi every day). So we got to bed that night after the BBQ and Rob says to me, right before he passes out, BABE, I LOVE CODY. I'm like Okay dork night. Of course this means in the morning I made sure to let Cody know that Rob was still professing his love for him that night. Soooo you can imagine Robs response when I said babe, if its a boy why don't we name him Codi? We loved it for a girl, why not for a boy. Robs response:

NO BABE WE CAN'T DO THAT, CODY ALREADY MADE FUN OF ME FOR WANTING TO CALL THE GIRL KODIE, I CAN'T NOT NAME MY SON AFTER HIM OR HE WILL REALLY GIVE ME SHIT AT WORK! (Keep in mind Cody is like 22 so of course him and Rob act like small 5 year old children together) Of course, this just made me that much more hell bent on naming our kid Cody. Then for a while we were trying to pick a first name with a J so that our kids initials would be JD like JD on Scrubs (SHUT UP I KNOW I KNOW WE ARE FUCKING WEIRDOS BUT STILL I HEART JD, OH HOW I HEART JD). We couldn't find any J names so I went back to calling the baby Kaleb. Rob liked Kaleb about as much as I like Stephen so he, "SUGGESTED" the name Cody. He wasn't serious right? He is now suggesting the name that I've "SUGGESTED" at least once a day for ooo I don't know TWENTY WEEKS! So I was like okay fin, but how are we spelling it? So finally after a long nonsensical story we are about 76% sure we will name this baby Codi Daniel Clement Mateo.

I say 76% because we totally changed Brandons name a month before he was born. That means we changed it AFTER the baby shower invites went out, with a whole other name on them. Meaning, some other kid received quite a few savings bonds. Oops.

Anyway, Codi is starting to move now. He doesn't move near as much as Brandon, shit, this kid doesn't even move 1/98th of what Brandon moved. He has a different personality. When Codi moves, it is with purpose. He moves when he is uncomfortable (when I smoosh both of my hands around my belly and squish to make him move), he moves when he wakes up, and he moves when I eat ice cream. I rarely eat ice cream, for some reason it really grosses me out during pregnancy. All flavors except cookies and cream. That is because for some reason anything with OREO in it, seems to make me want to jump for joy. He doesn't move when I eat spice, (which is like never cuz I'm a sissy lala) and he doesn't move for other sweet, or salty or savory foods. He gave me a little thump last night after I ate pie. He gives me a couple little good night thumps and thats about it. Codi is a very nice baby. I think he knows, his mom is going to need a break after spending two years with worlds craziest insane child (which by the way I wouldn't change for a moment, I thrive on Brandons intensity and curiosity and energy). I decided Codi was a nice calm name, but also sounded good for a little boy in trouble, since after all, his brother is sure to help him get in trouble from the time he is ooo like 5 days old. I practiced it last night. CODI DANIEL! Yup I could yell that really easy. BRANDON COOPER, CODY DANIEL WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING NOW??????? Works great.

So first I wanted to double check that none of my mommy blogger friends are doing Codi as a name. I know Jen isn't and I know Julia isn't but seriously there are like 59808 of you who are pregnant now and I just can't keep up on all the names. So if you are doing Codi, I'm sorry, but I'm stealing it mmkay!

I'm very interested to see how this baby will differ from Brandon farther in pregnancy. Brandon hiccuped allll night long and a lot of the day too. In fact he hiccuped his first day alive, actually he kept hiccuping for quite a while. As annoying as it was, I loved it since I knew he was learning to breath. So now I wonder if Codi will keep me up at night with his hiccups, forcing me to poke Rob in the arm every time the baby hiccups so he will stop saying, "it can't be that annoying can it?" I wonder if this baby will have attitude inside. Brandon had a serious tude inside me. You could see it in all of his ultrasounds. Attitude here attitude there, kick, stomp and I think he stopped just short of shouting HEY FUCK YOU WORLD from outside of my belly button. So far, even though it's early, it is clear I have two very different boys on my hands!

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