Finally he sleeps

A future in photography perhaps?

I call this one his sexy upside down face.



Okay Anonymous I'm assuming you are either Kelly or Kasey. I'm glad that well enough can be left alone here. I understand that I have done nothing wrong. I am simply looking out for Steph. What she has done to you or her volleyball friends or anyone else in the past in no way effects me. Her and I have gotten past our differences and moved on. Mostly I feel bad that I didn't warn her better that no good can come from Eli. What I'm not understanding, is if none of this is because of Eli, what on earth could it possibly be about all these months after you and Stephs friendship ended. I hope you two can let bygones be bygones and some day come to a place in both of your lives where you have peace. Eli an Stephanie have spoken. They are still friends, and he has assured her that their break up was nothing to do with her having herpes (which he has known about from day one) but more to do with him worrying about his children. I am glad they were able to make amends, I hope someday you two can also, if this is Kasey I know at one point you two were very close. I always hate seeing great friendships end. Maybe one day this can all be worked out.

Things Brandon can recognize

I stopped by work today for my two hours of out of the house time during this damn bed rest and saw Brandon. He was coloring so I sat down (well actually he demanded that I SIT DOWN CHAIR). I drew a stick person and said there is Brandon. He had a dot for a nose a half moon for a mouth and so on. Brandon pointed out each of the stick persons features. Then I drew a heart, star, air plane, fish and truck. He replied, hawt, staw, air pain, fish, twuck. I was so shocked. Then he drew a squiggle, pointed and said fish. Then we opened his magazine and he showed me the piglet and beaw (bear). He also shows me every time the wawter is on Ish Ashe. He points to apples, limes, balls and water in books. Abble, abble, no thats a tomato. He thinks most red fruit is an apple. He is getting so smart. I can't believe in a few weeks I will have a two year old. Sigh!

Oh yeah this morning he laid on my belly and Codi (new baby) started kicking him really hard. All I could think was shit, he's not even born yet and they are already fighting. I really can't wait to watch them interact!


First of all, let me say, yes I do know Eli. I know it does not take much for Eli to break up with someone at all. I also know that I am standing by a friend as it seems you are. You tell me to mind my business however, aren't you also looking out for your friend and in turn, meddling in their business also.

What I am the most upset about is that you find it necessary to air personal and private things about Stephanie. No matter what she has written none of the thing she has said have been as personal or hateful as what you have written.

Personally I have a very full life and I don't understand how anyone with kids can find the time to drag someone through the mud. I would hope that all of you could put your personal differences aside and learn to just disagree and leave it at that.

Again let me state, Anonymous, I am doing nothing more then what you are doing, and that is standing up for a friend. I haven't dated Eli in 7 years, therefor I don't consider what Stephanie did boyfriend stealing. She found someone she had a lot in common with and they dated. Big deal. I'm married, I have kids, I have no reason to care who she dates. But I do have a reason to care if my friend is being unnecessarily hurt.

As for saying I have pissed people off. Whatever. I started my blog as a way to talk to people and vent and share my sons life with my friends. If people have a problem with what I write that is their right. The same goes for Stephanie. She started her blog just to write about her life. She did not in any way start it to be vindictive or mean. I can't imagine how my sticking up for my friend has pissed you off but fine what ever. I've been in her shoes, I've been hit by Eli's shit storm and I've handled it before. There is no part of me who ever thought that Stephanie would not face a world of shit for dating him. But that was her decision. Like I've told her before this will get worse before it gets better.

I strongly encourage you to all drop this and leave well enough alone. Let Stephanie go on with her own life and her own issues and relationships and you do the same. There is no reason for all of you to be involved in her life, she doesn't do anything that effects what happens in your daily life. I'm sorry that all of this has come down to childish bickering on all of our parts. I would like to think after a certain age, we can all just let things go and move on.

About Stephanie

Dear friends. As you can tell Stephanie seems to be going through some personal problems. 90% of them are stemming from her relationship with Eli. I probably should have spoken up sooner about my relationship with him, but out of respect for Stephanie and their relationship I kept quiet. So here goes, the short annotated version. In July of 2000 Eli and I started dating. In October Eli moved in. In November Eli told me he wanted to have babies with me. I was apprehensive. In December Eli told me I was either getting a stereo or engagement ring for Christmas, but not to hold my breath for a stereo. On December 22nd we were supposed to go to dinner with his parents for his birthday. I stopped off at his most favorite board shop and got him a couple shirts to wear for that dinner. He came home and didn't really care about the new clothes and went to bed. I went in and asked him about it and he replied, "You should have washed the shirts first, I won't wear shirts that aren't washed after the store." Keep in mind here, I get off work at 4:30 ran to the board shop and dinner was around 6:30. I couldn't have washed the damn shirts if I wanted. Not to mention, I don't wash things until people try them on so I know if they fit. Anyway, he basically came unglued and told me it might be time for him to move out, "but we could stay together." I said NO. Your either here or your gone. He left for dinner and I didn't hear from him for two days. He showed up one day like nothing ever happened and tried to take a shower and get ready to go somewhere with his friend. I said NO. You don't just take off and think you can come back this is bullshit. He said well maybe I will just move out then. I said fine by me you need to be out tomorrow or your stuff will be on the lawn. Did I mention tomorrow was Christmas Eve? He called that morning and asked if he really had to leave and I said my dad and uncle are on there way here now to move you out, its up to you if you want to move your stuff or have them do it. Also I don't want a single one of your friends inside of my house so you better figure out how to move by yourself. I spent Christmas Eve on the couch by my front door with my dad and uncle, sitting there and watching him move every single one of his things out. When he was almost gone he stopped me in the driveway and said he didn't want it to be like this. I told him he needed to go and think about what happened but I wasn't letting him play his game anymore. He left and instantly started messaging me. I replied all through the night. Christmas came and he messaged me telling me he was so upset he had a dream that my dad was walking me down the isle to him and he can't believe he screwed this up. He said that our dog needed to come back home and they both just wanted to come back home. He came and got me and we drove around and looked at Christmas lights then went home and spent the night together. The next morning he went to work. I didn't hear from him again for a week. I messaged and messaged and nothing. Finally I called. He said he just couldn't be in a relationship anymore. I said fine, come get your dog, pay your rent and be done. He did and we were done. Randomly he would message me and say he missed me, then he would message me and say he needed a ride home because he was drunk. I ignored them all. Finally about two weeks later I found out he was already with someone else and he was about to propose to her. This continued for a while. Eli would break up with girls, move on to new ones and suddenly be ready to propose. In fact the girl he was with before me is a friend of mine and he had done the same to her. Eli has a habit of becoming infatuated with something, chasing it and smothering it until near death and then just walking away. I was broken for a long time after him. I was only 19 so that is what I use to comfort myself. Knowing I was very young so it was okay to be that naive. It was almost a full year before I dated again, shit I didn't even kiss anyone for 8 months. When I met Rob I was still so messed up over Eli. It took nearly two years of being with Rob to finally realize that what Eli did to me wasn't my fault it was his.

When Stephanie told me that day she was going to lunch with him, I already knew what was coming. You see Eli doesn't just take a girl to lunch or spend time with someone unless he's begun a new infatuation. It wasn't long after they went to lunch that I knew, he was doing the same thing to her too. It was sooo hard for me to not stop her and say he's going to hurt you to, its all lies. But I realized , had someone said that to me I would have just accused them of being jealous. So I just supported her. I listened as she said that yes they had talked about moving in, yes they talked kids and marriage and yes they were making plans for the future. I really started to worry. I talked to my mom about it and said I really didn't know what to do. I already knew Stephanie was days away from having Eli stop speaking to her. Thats what he does, he just shuts down cold turkey and leaves you wondering for eternity. My mom said there was nothing I could do but wait and be supportive, so I did. Now its happened and I'm so mad at myself. I should have put up a bigger fight when they dated, I should have warned her. I should have done something to stop that from happening.

Stephanie will get over Eli, but her problem now lies with his ex wife. I can not for the life of me understand why Kasey (his ex) wants to stir the pot with Stephanie. What I'm finding hardest to understand is that Kasey divorced Eli. She left him and didn't want him anymore. So why on earth is she so upset now? Did she divorce him as part of some game, hoping he would come running back and she could have control, or is she simply playing the age old game, if I can't have him no one can? Either way, they are divorced. They have been for over a year now. She has moved on, she dates other people. So why is she finding it so hard to let Eli and Stephanie be happy? The worst part is Eli's kids love Stephanie. And their own mom doesn't realize what kind of mind games she is playing with their head by ripping Stephanie from their lives twice now. Its gross. Being a parent myself I would never ever allow my own personal agenda to come in the way of my son.

The final thing I don't understand is why this woman and her sister and friends, feel the need to air Stephs dirty laundry. She got what she wanted, they broke up, so why can't she just leave well enough alone? This woman is in her 30's. THIRTY YEARS OLD and still behaving like an 11th grader. I was really under the impression that after about 18 you stopped behaving like a child and started acting like an adult. I am really at this point in disbelief about these peoples behaviors. They are leaving awful comments on her blog, spreading awful rumors and quite frankly they are acting like a 7 year who got their Barbie taken away. Why can't these people just leave well enough alone? I just don't get it at all. When all of this started, Stephanie never once posted a blog airing Kasey's dirty laundry AND THERE IS A LOT, so why does this girl feel like she needs to do it to her.

So now you guys understand a little of what is going on with Stephanie. I've encouraged her to post a blog addressing Kasey's accusations and setting the record straight. Thus making it so they have nothing to comment about. I think she plans to do that today, at least I hope she does. I think it would be in her best interest to take the upper hand and just be as open and honest as possible. In the end Stephanie will walk away knowing she spoke the truth and was honest and truthful. I encourage all of you to support her through this. You are welcome to leave comments for her on my page and I will see that she gets them. However, if you choose to leave negative comments please be advised, I have a site moderator, it tracks the IP address, computer and name of everyone who views my blog. If you choose to write something I don't like, you will be reported to the site moderator, and to the police for harassment on my blog. I will not put up with any shit so please don't try and tempt me. Also be advised, you can try all you want to air my dirty laundry with Stephanie, if what you say is true I will address it and come clean, if what you say is false I will call you out for being a lying asshole. So please, remember what your mamma told you, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!

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