Its like winning the lottery

Do you know what I'm having as a snack right now? Ice cream

Do you know what I'm having for dinner? Ice cream

How about breakfast? Ice cream

In fact, you can pretty much assume I will be eating ice cream for at least two weeks. Know why? Where my husband works, he delivers things to people. He went on a delivery today and I guess the guy works for Dreyers. Next thing I know my husband comes walking in the door with six SIX!!!!!!! Cartons of ice cream and 6 popsicles. Actually what really happened, is he came home from work on a break, put in em the freezer and told me there was a surprise in there for me. I thought, "awww he got me an ice cream bar or a milk shake." I did not expect to find SIX freaking cartons of ice cream in my fridge. There were two caramel turtle, two cookie dough, a pecan praline, and some kind of vanilla yogurt. Then three strawberry real fruit bars and three of those strawberry short cake bars.

So now I ask you. WHAT ON EARTH IS A GIRL TO DO???????? Since he brought it home from work it was in his truck for a while so it was all soft. This means me and a spoon already went digging through the caramel turtle carton. Now I'm left wondering, does cookie dough really taste as good as I remember? Only one way to find out, and what about pecan praline. Should I maybe taste them all? I'm having visions of milk shakes and sundays and eating ice cream straight from the container (no wait, already did that). He told me I could be nice and give some away. I was all PSHAW this is ice cream I'm all about being stingy right now yo! I got some maternity pants today and I was thinking they might be to big. Now all I'm thinking is, "How exactly are SIX cartons of ice cream going to look on my thighs?"

Hey, if I follow my dads theories thats just a whole lotta iron right?


It taste like one of those vanilla cream orange popsicle thingies. I dunno it is just damn good and seriously covered in whipped cream and since its made from actual ice cream its all thick and creamy and dammit why aren't they open yet!

He he

I'm yahooing Rob this morning and I say...
"Babe we have to call the baby Codi now, since that is how I'm referring to him, and I don't want to change his name now."

He replies...

"Ok Dear, If you like it then Ok!"

Awwwww. I don't know why but I found that sooooo cute. Like I could have totally gotten anything I wanted from him at that moment.

In other news Codi really likes ice cream, sixlettes and those new fangled OrangeCicle drinky things from Carls Junior. Speaking of which. I mentioned to my parents the other day about being anemic and my iron and what not. Yesterday my dad comes in while I was at work and he says "Here, my little buddy needs his iron" (Little buddy refers to both Brandon and Codi but in this case it was Codi." Then he plunks down this pale orange milk shake looking thing on my desk and walks off. My first thought was ewww orange flavored milk shake. My second thought was, ummm how on earth is this supposed to help my iron? Help my big ass maybe but my iron, hmmm. Then I took a taste. AND OMG I CAN'T STOP DREAMING ABOUT GOING TO CARLS JUNIOR FOR ANOTHER MAGICAL ORANGE SHAKE THINGY. It was so good I was walking around talking about it in caps lock for the rest of the day. And now all I'm wondering is SHIT WHEN DOES CARLS JUNIOR OPEN AGAIN! And more importantly, do they serve ice cream for breakfast!

Bless you

I woke up this morning and came out in the living room with Brandon. I blew my nose and he said, "Blesh yous," (he also blesses you if you cough or sneeze). So I finish wiping my nose off and he looks at me and says, "nose?", "BOOGERS?"

It was sooo cute. I guess I don't realize how observant he is or how much he learned from what we say, which is why he still walks around saying OH SHIT!

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