Now shes done lost her mind

THREE TIMES! That is how many times today I've completely forgotten I was pregnant, and looked down and my belly, causing me to be on the verge of tears because, "I can't believe I've gotten this fat!"

It seriously takes a good 18 seconds or so before I realize that no, my waist isn't actually that fat there is a baby in it. Wow. Talk about mental break down!

Somehow calling this post, "Another one bites the dust" doesn't quite seem right!

Is it just me or is EVERYONE pregnant? I feel as if the government is putting something in the water. I mean that has to be the only logical explanation since I got pregnant so easy this time right? Really, right now its as though being pregnant is the new black.

When I started blogging, Jessie at The Happening Cheatwoods was pregnant and due any day. Untangling Knots was having a baby THAT DAY! Then A Mommy Story, Chelle, Mom 101, Swistle, Sweet / Salty, and Zube Girl all went ahead and had some babies as they were pretty far along.

Erin from MoMommy was first to announce her pregnancy. Followed by me. Then came in no order, All & Sundry, Cakerwakers, Julia, Jen, Life is Just so Daily, The Mathers, Scott and Lorie and Frema all announced pregnancies.

Wow that is a lot of links. I think I'm going to deserve a few cookies after this post. Aside from my friends with blogs, I was shocked to find that my friends, Katie, Murissa, and April were also expecting. I heard through the grapevine that a girl I went to school with, no wait, two girls I went to school with Cami and Tylene were pregnant. My husbands friend Frank is having a baby.

Of all these people 3 or 4 are due with in a week or so of me, Jen, Julia, Cakerwakers, Frank and Murissa, so that makes five actually. There are a ton of boys being expected which I think is excellent news.

On top of this huge pile of raging hormones I have two friends currently getting ready to try to get pregnant. This list also doesn't mention the gaggle of other blogs I've linked to from Mom's Daily Dose about other pregnant ladies, or ladies who just gave birth like yesterday.

In fact, MoMommy had her baby yesterday!!!!

I feel bad because I'm sure I'm forgetting some more preggos. If I've forgotten you just drop me a comment that says something like, "hey you whore bag I'm totally knocked up too", or "hey slut muffin remember how I just had that really cute baby you forgot about!" I'll link up to you too!

So counting me, that is like 25 people in the last few months who have had babies or gone and gotten all knocked up like! Now you try and convince me the government isn't putting something in our water!

I knew I would forget some. My husbands best friend and best man Aaron just had a baby, and so did Aarons brother. The count is now 27.

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