Ha HA! I'm going to have two boys. As in one more then I have now. Let me tell you about my day with one boy!

4:00 am woke up and ran out to turn on Dora.

4:30 am began spinning in a circle, while shaking his head, and jumping and yelling whoah whoah whoah whoah.

5:00 am Tried to clip his toe nails, he screamed so bad you would think I was killing him

5:30 am sneezed a 3 inch long booger out his nose, wiped it on my shirt

6:00 am began doing head stands on couch that then turned to somersaults off the couch.

6:30 am Opened fridge and tried to climb to top shelf for milk...sat there dangling from 3rd shelf till I came and answered his cries of Helb Helb Helb

7:00 am sneezed another 3 inch booger out his nose and wiped it on his shit and my shirt and his hand

7:01 am wiped booger hand on my pants

8:00 am got on coffee table and started jumping full speed onto floor

8:30 am sneezed three inch booger (seriously where is all this snot coming from) out of his nose, hung his head off couch to watch it dangle, began wiggling head back and forth to make booger move around.

8:31 am got very pissed when mom wiped off the booger and started trying to blow more snot out his nose.

8:32 am could not get enough snot so he wiped what he could get on my bare ankle.

9:00 am got on coffee table and started launching full speed head first at couch while yelling ONE TWO THREE. Then throwing ball while he jumped and yelling OH GOSH OH GOSH.

9:05 am began running screaming in circles yelling ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh in a sound that only dogs can here now.

9:06 am begins running into couch then getting up purposely falling down and shouting uh oh

9:08 am running around while yelling uwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuuwuwuwuwu and making dog scream then running face first into couch.

9:14 am back onto coffee table, jumping on to couch while throwing small objects over couch.

9:15 am living room now resembles small trash bin found at sewing scrap store. Paper, toys, CDS, boxes, dolls, and so on now strewn from end to end in very precise manor.

9:16 am Brandon now standing on arm of couch falling backwards while throwing more things off couch.

9:16 am still now launching off couch while tearing pages out of instruction manual shouting one two three FOUR fie six seben !!!!!! UH OH BABY

9:16 am still mom sitting on other couch frozen unsure what in the fuck to do and repeating two boys can't be any worse

9:18 am back on the arm of the couch shouting MAMA WATCH MAMA WATCH

9:19 am sits still for a moment seems to be calming down

9:20 am it was all a trick..just refueling launching backwards off couch arm onto couch..smacks mouth on couch arm..pretends not to notice

9:20 am begins making paper mache

9:21 am lays on floor cuddling Elmo

9:22 am discovers elmo balloon all hell breaks lose, rips blanket off couch to get to rest of elmo balloon while shouting ELMO ELMO ELMO ELMO ELMO

9:22 am blanket is now unfolded and strewn about entire living room, elmo balloon still not free of blanket


9:24 am picking up all toys trying to make them whistle instead just going fwooooooo (thats the noise his mouth is making as he tries to whistle.



It is so hard to believe that just 7 months ago at Christmas time this is how my son looked.

Just 20 lbs barely (oh and he loves to scratch his butt like a guy)

He wouldn't eat due to teething, he kept getting sick and it was just so hard for me. I used to cry when i saw him in the bath or shower.

BUT NOW!!!!! He has finally gotten up to 25.4 lbs and this kid loves to eat now.

How did I fatten him up? WELL first, I mixed his milk half milk half pediasure. Then I would let him have spoonfulls of cream cheese and let him lick the butter right off his toast. No matter what time of day it was I let him pick what he wanted to eat. This meant that if he wanted macaroni ten times a day he got it. When I made his macaroni, I drained out all the water and instead put butter and milk in it to make his cheese sauce. I pulled out the soft inside of bagels and made them small bites and loaded them with cream cheese. We made him milk shakes with ice cream, pediasure and bananas! I started giving him waffles (whole grain wheat) slathered in butter and syrup. I stocked my house with all kinds of cheeses and let him eat it however he wanted, in balls, shredded, slices or however. I cut out fillers like soups and yogurt and replaced them with raviolis and pediasure.

I can't believe I have helped him gain five ponds in such a short time. It makes me so happy to see him get some fat on his body!

Really, is he serious


This is what my son just spent the last 10 minutes screaming. Do you know why???????


Three!!!! Not even all ten just three. You would have thought I strung him up by his toes and hit him with a broom. But NOOOO I was clipping his dang toe nails. The worst part is if I don't clip them, they grow so long they start to curl over his toe. Sigh.

Oh yeah and clipping while he's sleeping NOPE doesn't work. He just wakes up!

And also, I wasn't exaggerating IT TOOK TEN MINUTES TO CLIP 3 TOES! Three.. ugg I need a cup of coffee after that catastrophe!



Brandon's Birthday Invitation from wilddreemer and Vimeo.

What's in a name?

Megan asked me how I came up with Codi's name. His name story isn't all glamorous like Brandon being named after my rock star crush's son, but its still cute. Anyway way back when I knew I was having a boy but wanted to tell myself it would be a girl just for fun Rob and I started talking about girl names. When we named Brandon we just knew THATS THE NAME. This time though, nothing seemed to be sticking out. We talked about Madison and Olivia, and Sophia and, no wait, I talked about all of those names and Rob vetoed all of those names. Finally one day out of no where I said lets call her Kodie Marie. I got the spelling for that because all through school I always wished my name had an I in it so I could dot it. I always wanted a lettermens jacket with a heart dot over the I in my name. Suddenly we knew this girls name was Kodie Marie.

Now, I should take a moment to let you all know that I never ACTUALLY thought for a minute that I would have a girl. You see, there has NEVER been a girl born in my husbands family as far back as I can trace the family tree. That is why his family has put so much faith in me being the one to finally give them a girl. HA isn't happening people.

When we finally got confirmation that it was a boy we went crazy trying to find a name. You see, when I was pregnant with Brandon his name was supposed to be Brandon Taylor. We had said if we ever had another boy we were going to name him Cooper Lyle. Towards the very end Rob and I talked and talked and he didn't want to risk not having the name Cooper in Brandons name in case we never had kids. So we changed Brandons name thus using up our next boy name.

After much thought we decided we were going to name the new baby Stephen. This worked out awesome since Robs brother was named Steven, his grandpa was named Esteban (Spanish for Stephen) and my great grandpa was also named Esteban. Hell ya we were killing 3 birds with one stone. However, after saying it a few times I became frustrated and realized this babies name WAS NOT STEPHEN! I told Rob and he had no choice but to agree we needed a new name. After all he could tell I wanted to puke every time we called this baby Stephen. He just wasn't a Stephen.

So we tried out a few other names and I kept coming back to Cody. Rob refused, because if you remember not to far back I posted about Rob and his friend Cody and how much they had man crushes on each other. Rob told me he just could not name his kid Cody because everyone would really give him hell then. So we thought and thought and thought and finally settled on Caleb. Caleb seemed to work, but we both kind of felt like it just wasn't quite right. I kept saying how bout Cody and Rob kept saying NO! Finally I gave up. About a week later we sat there going through names and Rob put his head down all shameful and said, "I like Cody, his name is Cody isn't it?" We talked about it more, and decided to spell it Codi, so at least one of my kids got to have an I in their name to dot!

So that is how my son came to be named Codi with an I!

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