I swear I'm not having twins I'm just fat!

Sorry about the lighting I took this one in a hurry...but you get the point...no wonder dairy queen girl thought I was some sort of giant!

So close yet still so far away

Today my wonderful amazing and terrific friends, Katie, Ginger and Alli came over and painted Codi's room for me. So far all I have set up is the crib since technically I can't start moving stuff until the end of September so my husband can keep his Playstation room as long as possible. I also bought some matching sheets and pillow cases for the bed, the quilt I already had. I am keeping the bed in there so I can sleep close to Codi, and I think it will make it so much easier for me to put him in his own crib rather my bedroom for 16 months! So here is the room so far, I'll show you the rest when I get there!

P.S. Katie I hope I got these posted up fast enough for you!

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