I've been trying to explain to Jen my frustration with baby clothes and how they are sized different even when they clearly say the same damn size. It really frustrated me because not a single item of new born clothes I bought Brandon fit him. We ended up having to buy him premie clothes. This time around I bought tons of different brands (translate to grandma and grandpa showed up with a shit load of new tiny baby clothes) so I would be assured that at least one thing would fit this child. When I first emailed Jen about this, I had shown her a picture of a preemie outfit next to and on top of a new born outfit and they were the same freaking size. So now, to illustrate for all you non moms, new moms or expecting moms out there....
Both of these damn onsies are size new born..Hmmmmm. Imagine how pissed I would be if all I had showed up with at the hospital was the size on the left, that shit won't fit a damn newborn!

To further illistrate, here they are on top of each other. What a bunch of assholes the baby clothes makers are. Do they not think new moms with major hormonal issues have better things to cry about then the fact that their childs clothes are falling off their shoulders and their legs don't even fit in the holes!!!!!! ASSHOLES

Which is why I say, buy more then one brand and PACK more then one brand when you go to the hospital so your child doesn't come home in an outfit looking like this.

Poor little guy was swimming in his onsie.

Also, this outfit that my son was swimming in, yeah thats a premie size.....fuckers!

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