Mmm tastey

Heres a little shot of my tastey dinner last night. I was bored and in a hurry. I threw together some Boboli with olive oil garlic spaghetti sauce, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil..... Mmmmmm

And that is my Wusthof...every bad ass has one of those in their kitchen!!!!

Again it gets worse

Lets keep in mind I'm pregnant here. So when my son dumps his pork flavored ramen into his fruit punch flavored Kool Aid swirls it around and then drinks the contents of said cup (think pale pink floaty noodly looking concoction) mom has a really hard time holding her own lunch in!

Lesson 1: How to fatten up a skinny child

Step 1: Leave starving (naked) toddler alone for 2 minutes.
Step 2: Allow toddler to find him stool, push it up to counter and retrieve full tub of butter.

Step 3: Watch as toddler slathers himself, all surrounding areas and his mom in butter...He seriously ate the whole thing.

Step 4: When he finished we had to add more so toddler can get extra fat...he could also tell this was different butter but he ate it just the same.

Yup let me lick it and smoosh it and rub it. Yeah, me, my work and my child all smell like butter. Not to mention my already slippery sneaky two year old is now extra super slippery!

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