Hey come see me here

Okay I decided I will tell my story. Since it is longer then the rest it gets its very own blog. Plus that will keep it seperate from my funny mommy blogging. Sooo add this new site to your list and check in daily to see if I've updated.

Jumping on the band wagon

There is this big part of me that wants to jump on the band wagon and tell the story of Rob and I. Not the cheesy half ass story I tell in my very first ever posts, but the real story. However, I just don't know if I'm ready to go there yet. See I can't just start with Rob and I, because it was the year before he and I that shaped us becoming an US. I would have to talk about Eli..which I don't mind because whatever it is old news, but mostly I would have to talk about Jeremy. See, typing his name right there made me lose my breath and made my heart stop for a moment. I just don't think I can do it yet. I don't think I could write about him with out missing him, and I don't think that I could write about him with out giving you all the impression that I would rather be with him then my husband, (I wouldn't). Needless to say, I would looove love love to write this story, but emotionally, well I mean, don't I already cry enough? So I'm going to give this all some thought but for now, I think the story will remain in my head!

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