I forgot to mention something Brandon's pediatrician told me IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND THANK GOSH!!!!

No it is not because you didn't eat meat during your pregnancy that your son won't eat it IT IS BECAUSE MOST TODDLERS DON'T LIKE THE TEXTURE AND WILL JUST SPIT IT OUT!! Give him time he will eat it when it feels less weird in his mouth.

I would like to take a moment to say to my husband,
Neener neener
Ha ha (said in Simpsons voice)
Take that
Boo ya
with a dash of
SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!

What's in a name part two

So a few weeks ago we announced the babies name. His name will be Codi. The first thing my grandma did was write and say that names ending with an "I" are girly. I wasn't sure how she figured this but okay whatever. I told her I really didn't care, that names were getting so weird anymore that it wouldn't matter. Then an anonymous blogger leaves a comment saying the same thing. Now! I'm not changing the name, because like I said one of my kids is going to have an "i" in their name if it kills me. However, I just want an opinion on this, do people really think certain names are feminine or masculine based on the last letter of the name? This is sooo odd to me if it is true because really who made up these rules? Anyway I want your opinions. Is Codi really that girly? This is totally a curiosity thing like I said I won't change the name just curious.

My doctors appointment

First of all let me start by saying that Codi now has a birth date. Codi Daniel will be born November 16th 2007 if all goes right and the OR is available that day! I know that it is 9 days early but the doctor assured me that the baby will be big enough plus we will do an ultrasound to double check. What he also said is that he would rather do it early because if I contract at all then I can hemorrhage or have other very serious problems from the bleeding and clotting early in the pregnancy.

Also I have an ultrasound scheduled for October 1st to see how Codi is growing and to make sure the blood isn't getting in his way! I gained too much weight for the doctors liking so to celebrate I ate some delicious chocolate. There isn't much I can do about my weight since I've only been allowed to walk as exercise for a month now, and lets be realistic, who is going to go walking when its 4000 degrees outside HMMMMMMMM! I have been eating pretty well and since I had just lost 30 lbs before getting pregnant I'm not even worried about losing weight again now that I know mentally I can do it!

Other then that Codi's heart was great. My blood pressure is still totally below what it should be so clearly that isn't a worry. I waddled over and pre-registered for the delivery and in a week I go take my glucose test.

All in all it was a good appointment. I go back in two weeks. 81 more days people 81 holy shit!

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