Big boy bed

We got Brandon a new twin bed this weekend along with some ultra cute bedding. We are still on a mission to find an actual bed with a head board and matching dresser before October 1st so that all of Codi's baby stuff can be moved out of Brandon's room and into his own room. Finding a nice solid wood dresser with out veneer on it is so very very hard. Anyway we spent all day on a mission for this damn bedding and I got it home, washed and put on the bed finally at 9pm when I noticed a fucking tear in the quilt. So now I have to exchange the shit tomorrow!
This stuff is ultra soft and smooth. Its that microfiber stuff. Soooo soo soft!

The whole top of it is that super soft stuff also and then cute little corduroy! I looove it, minus the fucking tear!

See the cute little bear paws!

Eggstra Eggstra

After writing about my hatred for most egg things down below, I thought I would give you guys some of my favorite recipes from before I started hating eggs. Oh yeah, and I was little so these are going to be weird!

  1. Eggs and bologna. Mmmm! Take one to two slices of bologna slice into pieces and fry up in a pan. Add beaten eggs with milk, salt and pepper and fry up. Mmmmm enjoy the bologna goodness..(Jen I know you are barfing somewhere).
  2. Quick scrambled eggs with cheese. I am a firm believer that a cook needs to be able to COOK anywhere. My mom and I created this recipe when I was younger. Scramble two eggs in microwave safe bowl. Tear two slices of plastic cheese (this is what I refer to Kraft singles as) and place pieces in egg. Nuke (technical kitchen term for microwave) for one minute. Remove, stir check doneness. Nuke for 30 seconds at a time after this till eggs are all cooked. They will kind of puff up during the cooking process and then deflate a little afterwards! Mmmmm they are delish. Interestingly enough this is how Port of Subs now make their eggs for their breakfast sandwiches.
  3. Fry up an egg, top with pepperjack cheese and melt then top with salsa..mmmmmmm
  4. This one is my favorite, it's messy and it's nuts! K sooo you fry up an egg. Then you put it between two slices of sour dough bread, you can even use two eggs depending on bread size..Slather both slices of bread with mayo and top eggs with cheese I prefer a white cheese but you can use chedder. Melt some butter in a pan and put the sandwhich in the pan and fry it up so its all toasted. Add mayo to the top of the sandwhich, some ham or bacon and top with more cheese, put in the oven under the broiler until it melts...yes you will need a fork for this bad boy! This is an untraditional version of a croque madam. The traditional version, you put the meat inside the bread like a grilled cheese, top it with the egg and second cheese layer and then pour a bechamel sauce or something on it! I like my version better, mainly because I'm to lazy to make the sauce!
  5. Egg salad served on toasted bread is a current favorite.
  6. I also like to make deviled eggs but add parmasan and bacon (to half) of the filling before putting it back in the egg!

Tag I'm it

I was tagged for a meme by Cakerwakers. Each person who is tagged has to list 7 quirks or weird things about themselves!

  1. My absolute favorite thing to eat for breakfast is chips and salsa mixed with cream cheese, followed by a couple spoons of ice cream. This is not a pregnancy thing, this is a normal thing....pregnancy actually made me eat healthier.
  2. Although I hate egss, the smell of them, the taste of them, basically anything egg (especially dishes that smell like eggs) I can totally groove on some egg salad or a deviled egg and not even feel weird about it...but cooking eggs any other way makes me gag and puke! I can also eat eggs on fast food, for instance the egg crosanwich thingy from Burger King, the egg and cheese biscuit from McDonalds and seriously people if you didn't know Port of Subs served breakfast sandwiches....YOUR LIFE IS NOT COMPLETE.
  3. I sniff every dish before I use it. I also periodically sniff my dishwasher and washing machine and if I don't like what I smell I will, rewash the dish, or run an empty cycle of my washer and or dishwasher....yes I waste a lot of water.
  4. I am totally ooged out by my sons little pool out back. No way am I getting in there!
  5. I fuuureak out when dogs touch me. Just touch, not even lick me. I hate hate hate dog gems and if the lick me its as though I was touched by acid.
  6. I love when my fingers smell like garlic...reminds me I actually cooked something at least once this week.
  7. I would cook dinner every single night if I didn't make dishes. I don't do the dishes in my house, my husband does. However, making dishes stresses me out even if I'm not washing them. Thats why I love nights he has softball..I don't have to make dishes. This is also why I prefer paper cups, plates and so on!
  8. And a bonus eighth one...I love to play with my toenails after I clip them. I put them all in a pile and oooh and ahhh at how long they were or how strong they are. Then I bend and smoosh them all!
K so now I'm supposed to tag people so...Ginger (Ging this means you would actually have to like blog something to do this!), Christina Mathers, Billy's mum, Jessica Cheatwoods, and Jen!

And now that I'm starving I think I want to run off to port of subs for a sandwich!

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