Taking my husband down with me

I don't know why my husband still tells me things that happen at work. He knows I just come right over here to my computer and flap my jaws to all of you! Here is todays latest entry of weird shit said at my husbands work

First a quick background. Yesterday Rob's work was invited to a lunch put on by Fed-Ex as a customer appreciation thing. Him and three friends rode over in one car and they got tri-tip and chicken and so on. K end of background.

Omar: Hey Rob was your shit green yesterday?
Rob: Umm no why
Omar: Dude my shit was bright green I was hoping your's was too from the lunch yesterday.
Rob: Nope
Omar: Hey Darrel is your shit green
Darrel: Yeah cool is yours too
Omar: Yeah but Rob's isn't, hey Tony what bout you
Tony: No you guys are weird
Rob: Yeah mine was just normal brown color
Tony: What are you guys doing eating color crayons

Why oh why does he insist on telling me these things Hmmmmm?

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