Yippee a random post...aka why you want kids

Brandon: Mama where mermaid go?
Me: Mermaid is in your TV honey
Brandon: But where memaid go?
Me: Come on I'll show you it's in your TV (walks into room, opens DVD player in Superman TV to discover no Mermaid SHIT where did he hide it now
Brandon: Bye bye mermaid

It is at this point I realized he has bent down and pulled the cover off his heater vent and is waving down the vent where I assume he has "hidden" the mermaid movie. NICE. So then I turn around to see if I can get something long enough to try and fish out the movie I can no longer see when I hear THUMP THUMP THUMP and turn around in time to see Brandon dumping plastic Easter egg after plastic Easter egg down the vent. Sigh


If you ask me the color of my carpet I will tell you it's the color of iced vanilla latte and toddler vomit. There are about 43 spots of toddler vomit on my carpet and it was just cleaned less then a month ago. The latest spot happened about two hours ago when the boy was trying to jam a deflated balloon down his throat and choked and puked. Then after I got it washed up he stood with his feet in the wet spot squishing em back and forth back and forth. GROSS!

I was just folding my laundry on my bed when I saw the melted chocolate stains from last weekend when Brandon broke into my fridge, stole my Lindt chocolate pieces and brought all of them, melted in his grimey hands to Rob and I in bed. I totally spaced that until just now and made a mental note to wash the sheets asap in the morning. That was until I noticed the streaks of poop coming down Brandons legs and out both sides of his diaper that I realized well crap that isn't the chocolate stain after all its poop. Which is why at 7pm at night I'm having to wash my sheets!

My house has one of those rooms in the master bathroom that only holds a toilet. The room is about THISBIG. So imagine how much space there is when I am in there, along with my pregnant belly and a two year old who insists on turning off the lights and making me pee in the dark. There is about thismuchspace when he comes in there. He only follows me to the bathroom now when I go in that bathroom. It makes it even better when he unrolls the toilet paper and shoves it down my pant legs. Its almost as good as when I forget the toilet paper and go walking around with toilet paper shoved in my pants.

Finalizing the registry

Okay people this is when I ask for help. I have pretty much finalized my registry, but with my sprinkle about two weeks away I figure I should get my ass in gear and get it set in stone. I am registered here at Babies R Us. My registry number is 49425110. Can you see anything I might be missing that would be necessary for having two children? I already have a great baby carrier that I love (two actually if I could find the second one) so I won't be needing one of those. I have an amazing swing, bassinet, and so on. However since I've never had two kids I don't know if there are other things that are a must. I had the bumbo on there but then I thought that I could simply buy that in a few months when the time was right and hopefully I will get a more useful item purchased from my registry rather then getting that. So let me know what I might be missing. Also I am on a mission for a functional thermometer. I have an amazing Vicks rectal thermometer and I swear by those but Brandon is getting older now and trying to take his temp rectally is A MAJOR PAIN IN MY ASS AND HIS! I've tried underarm but they all seem to take FOREVORE (said the way that kid from the Sandlot says it). So I am hoping to find a great ear thermometer or one of those ones you touch to their head. The ear one I have is a FREAKING JOKE and changes by 1-4 degrees each time I use it, even if I use it four fucking times in a row. I found this little doohickey but it only has one rating so far, so I can't exactly go off that. So please send me advice on thermometers! Lets keep in mind Brandon can only hold still for half a millisecond here so we need something quick and efficient!

Having two!

Last weekend Rob and I went to the Rib cookoff and we took Brandon along in his stroller. While we were there we started talking about maybe needing a second stroller or a double stroller. He thought we should just get two which I said was fine IF HE PLANNED ON ALWAYS BEING WITH ME WHEN I WENT OUT. So we then talked about the double strollers. Do we go side by side or front and back and so on. On Friday I mosied down to Babies R Us to look at what they had and found this little beauty. It seemed nice, it was designed for a toddler up front and an infant in back. You could put the carseat in there or you could simply put the baby in the back as the rear seat was made all cusiony and nice for infants. I went home and decided to check the ratings on said stroller as I do with everything before I add it to my registry. I got home and was pleased to see it rated well but I couldn't find the color I liked online so I knew I had to go back into the store. My cousin and I went back in and took the stroller down and played with it more. Then we stuck her three year old in it to see if she fit nicely. Jaida seemed to really enjoy it. We pushed it around the store and it worked well. So I took the little scanner thing and scanned the stroller. Suddenly it became so real. I am going to have two kids. It was so surreal. I mean yeah I know I'm pregnant and all but I lately having set a date and time for Codi to be born has made this all seem so much more real. I realized that even though Brandon is potty trained most days, I will still need a diaper bag big enough to hold two sets of diapers and toddler snacks along with baby treats. I realize that going places with two kids is going to become a bit of a project especially if they both pass out at the same time or they both want to be held at the same time. This is going to be such an adventure huh? If you are parents of multiple kids what have noticed so far that has been the most challenging part?

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