For the sake of argument

Last night while I was peacfully relaxing in the bath my husband decides to tell me he isn't sure that Codi's name should be Codi.


I jolted up and said, boy have you got one hell of a fight coming. Because this kids name is Codi. You know what he thinks Codi's name is???

Hmmm do ya?


Huh. That fruit cake from Sex in the City, Aiden, what. Ummm no.

Thats it, the only name he can come up with to replace Codi is Aiden. Uh huh, NO. His rational is that Aiden means little fire or some bullshit and since CODI has been kicking me so hard it literally makes me want to cry lately he thinks the name sounds fitting.

So for arguments sake, what do you all think. Should Codi's name be CODI or should it be Aiden :(

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