For the love of gosh its finally over

SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Gosh awful horrible Ju Ju Be arrived yesterday. When they said it was big, they really meant THIS BAG IS GOING TO WEIGH MORE THEN YOUR NEW BORN CHILD. Seriously its huge.

Bag from the side, doesn't seem huge in this picture but it is, also fabric seems like it would stain.

One enormous mother fucker. When I say this is big I mean big, to give you an idea it will not fit in the basket on my jeep jogging stroller, graco travel system stroller or ANY FUCKING STROLLER IN BABIES R US. I tried people, its that big of a bad mamajama

The inside of this thing was ridiculous. It had so many pockets they stopped being useful. There were pockets on the inside, the outside, the inside of the inside, pockets inside pockets and truthfully it looked like they just tried to see where they could shove a pocket. THEN! As if the bag itself wasn't awful enough the company is worse. I wan to return the bag, in fact I was going to exchange it for the Besmall bag until I read their policy. Turns out that in order to return the asshole bag I have to email the company and request a return approval number. Then ONCE I finally receive that I can put it on the outside of the box and send it back. They don't do exchanges. Instead I would have to order the new bag, thus carrying two balances on my card and then just wait around for the refund on the old bag. I have had it. I'm sending the bitch back and that company can suck it.

Finally I went back online and looked at the Fleurville sling tote. The first Goddamn bag I wanted from day one! I remembered there was a store here that sold them but they only had three in stock, a pink one, a black one and a light blue one. After much thought I realized that buying a simple plain blue bag would probably benefit me, as my husband is really not going to carry around a flowery foo foo bag. So I called the store and some young kid answered. I was looking at the bag online and asked what they cost in the store. He said $162.50. My exact response was, "are you fucking kidding me?" He laughed and asked why I said that. I told him that bag retails for $150.00 on Fleurvilles website. He said that since, they don't sell them regularly (I bought it from a gardening store ???) and since I caught them over pricing them he would take 30% off! I was like SCORE! That came out to $48.00 off making the bag, $122.00 with tax. That is far cheaper then had I bought it for $150.00 online and then had to pay shipping. You can bet your ass I ran right over and got it. The bag came with a bottle warmer, stroller straps, a shoulder strap and a changing pad. I threw out the bottle warmer and changing pad and I was set.

Later I went to target and found this cute little bag for $10.00 and decided it would work perfect as a medicine bag.

See! I put all the meds, thermometers and such in the bag along with a smaller trial size, baby wash and lotion. It worked out perfect and I even have room for more in there.

Then I wandered over the the baby isle of Target and discovered they now sell Skip Hop there. Skip hope created a brand called, Spark by Skip hop that is basically the same bags as their high end ones just a little cheaper. So this little diaper caddy was only $16.99 as opposed to the $30.00 normal one. In fact they sell the Skip Hop diaper bag for only $29.99 which if I liked that bag seems like a super deal.

I liked this little diaper caddy because it had a space on the left where I could store two rows of Codis teeny tiny newborn diapers and then a spot on the right where I could store Brandons super duper size 4 diapers. Then I can fold a pack of wipes in the middle along with the changing pad that came with it and snap the bag shut. I thought this was a great idea. This way if I'm ever just running into a store I can simply just grab this bag out instead of the full diaper bag and later when Brandon is out of diapers I can store Codi's diapers, wipes and medicines in here and have one small little pack to tote around with me. I really felt like a genius buying this.

Huh, what, newborns aren't really that small are they?

Let me get this straight, Codi's diaper is the size of my sausage hands.

BEHOLD THE BAG! See the nice neutral color, plus the plastic exterior that is so uber wipable (I think I made this word up) I wanted to spill stuff on it just for shits and giggles.

The mom pocket in front, has a pocket that is the perfect size for my wallet, then on that fits even my ultra over sized phone, plus a handy little carabeaner (spelled wrong, whatever you can figure out what I'm saying) hook for my keys. I packed the bag into two stores and I couldn't believe how easy it was to reach in and grab my wallet, phone or keys.

I used the pocket on the bag to pack an extra shirt for Brandon along with a juice and some snacks.

The interior of the bag has four simple pockets and a bottle pocket. I used one to pack two burp cloths, one for some bibs, one for hats and socks an the other is still open. Then I was able to fit in two full changes of clothes including pants, shirt and jacket.

Then I stuck in the diaper caddy and the medicine

It also came with tote straps stuck inside of it.

Stroller straps.

And finally the whole thing even zips shut!

I can't say enough about this bag. I just love it. I think I'm going to grow to love it even more as I have it. It fits perfect under a stroller and it wasn't to heavy to carry and i didn't get bothered by it going through the stores. It also has a very comfy shoulder strap on it. So this is my diaper bag recomendation!

Reminding me of that Boston song More then a Feeling

You know that feeling when someone lovingly sits there stroking your bladder? NO? What, you mean you've never had an 7 month old fetus inside of you stroking your bladder to the point where your either going to wet yourself or cry out in pain? Gee I envy you!

Theme song