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Because Emery made me Brave

Last week Emery so courageously spoke about the pimple she had in her nose. Which I found so shocking because I HAD THE SAME PIMPLE IN THE SAME PLACE! This week, I have a pimple on my ear. Actually it is right where my ear meets my head. It has been driving me nuts ALL DAMN DAY. And since I must pick at every little thing on my face I've been trying to pop it all day long. I finally succeeded just a second ago and that prompted me to come and ask all of you loyal blog readers where the strangest or most painful place that you've ever found a pimple is. Don't be shy, feel free to share!


Just to be clear, some of you have read my post down there about my terrific eating habits lately thinking I actually care what the doctor says. NOPE. Just to make it perfectly clear I don't give a flying shit what that doctor says, I'm going to eat, get fat and be merry. So what if I have to go back on my diet after. If you all remember I loved my diet and lost weight very good. Soooo bring on the ice cream people the doctor can kiss my white jiggly ass!!!!

To prove this point I just ate a nice healthy 1360 calorie lunch and I don't even feel bad about it!!!

Food food food

Hey ya'll tonight after 8 make sure to check out the tasty blog. I'm putting up pics of last nights snack/dinner.

Things that have been blowing my whole, hey I'm not going to gain any weight before my next doctors visit thing

  1. The box of double chocolate Pepperage Farm soft baked cookies on my counter.
  2. The blackberry milkshake I discovered at Jack In the Box last night (pure heaven)
  3. The bag of bagels on my counter
  4. The box of mini cheesecake bites in my refrigerator
  5. The taco bell that jumped in my car
  6. The McDonalds that also jumped in my car
  7. The visit to Williams Sonoma for cupcakes didn't help
  8. The 3 Almond Roca that I found in my cart at Target

I'm doing good huh? That doctors not going to be able to tell me I'm fat!


Yesterday I decided to take Brandon to the doctor. He's been throwing up about eleventy billion times a day for at least 4 weeks now. I know he isn't sick so I thought we would research acid reflux. Rob and I got him to the doctor awake this time and he played in the waiting room and even walked into the back like a big boy. Then he got on the scale with out having a full melt down and even let her take his temperature. However when we started walking toward the actual examining room he stopped cold in his tracks, looked at me and said,

"NO I get hurt."

Awww man it was the most heart wrenching thing I had ever heard. He knew that was where he got shots last time and he just broke my little heart.

I got him in the room and he actually let the doctor examine him with out crying (until the doctor started squishing his testicles but come on you would cry too right) and then I wanted to cry because my little boy was being so grown up.

In the end the doctor thinks that he does have acid reflux and gave us a months worth of samples for Previced to try and shrink his esophagus and stop the acid from boiling up. Hopefully this will help him, because as tired of throwing up he is, I'm just as tired of cleaning vomit off my carpet, bed, couch, body, and so on. Hope this helps the little guy!

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