Had my two week check up today and guess what?

I only gained two pounds! TWO! Go me. That makes me right on track with a pound a week...so what if I have an extra 15 pounds in there. To celebrate I had the rest of my tasty blackberry milk shake from Jack in the Box (seriously go get one right now)

I decided this week not to suck it in for my pictures so you can see my belly in all its glory.
Codi is measuring 33 weeks and the doctor says, "that is either because he is big, or because your a little on the, ummm short side." Short side huh. 5' 1" and 3/4 counts as short now. I thought that was cute height, but noooo now I'm short. Gee thanks.

I actually dressed really cute today. I woke up, took a shower with my apple body wash, put on my apple lotion and sprayed on my apple body spray. I headed to work and was promptly puked on by my two year old. All up in my braids and everything! Grrrr. So this was my new outfit! Luckily I was off today so it was okay if I wore it right!

Oh and Christy, I would totally throw on a night gown while I did my hair and make up, ceptin I don't do my hair and I NEVER wear makeup! Sooo I'm stuck struggling into my jeans with wet legs..thats the reason they wouldn't go on, because I was wet, not because I'm fat.

And I just realized the previous entry with the words, "I'm wet" are going to probably get me Googled for some really weird things. I wish I knew how to do that doohicky where I could see what pulled up my name when searched for in Google!

A real self esteem booster

When you just got out of the shower, and are still kind of wet and covered in lotion, trying to squeeze into your maternity jeans might not be the best thing for your self esteem!

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